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How Companies are Using Collaboration Solutions

The Status of Unified Communications in the Workplace

By now, email and VoIP phones have become fixtures in most offices. When considering the variety of tools that fall under the umbrella of unified communications, however, many businesses embrace only a small fraction of the technologies available today. Given the advancements in collaboration solutions over the past few years, West Unified Communications Services wanted to learn more about how widely-used various UC tools really are in the workplace.


Les cinq éléments à rechercher chez un fournisseur de Cloud - Vidéo

Look for Cloud Provider

Intéressons-nous à présent à la communication unifiée Cloud. Nous l'appelons parfois UCaaS, mais à la base il s'agit de fournir la communication unifiée sous forme de services dans le Cloud ou via le Cloud. Quels sont les cinq éléments à rechercher chez un fournisseur susceptible de vous fournir des fonctions de communication unifiée ?


Présentation de Cisco Jabber pour Windows

Cisco® Jabber™ est une application de communication unifiée qui renforce votre productivité en tout lieu, sur n'importe quel appareil.

Cisco Jabber pour le poste de travail

Cisco Jabber est une application de Communication unifiée qui stimule l'innovation, permet de prendre de meilleures décisions et améliore les performances des équipes. Associé à VoiceMaxx CE, Jabber simplifie les communications et améliore la productivité en unifiant la présence, la messagerie instantanée, les contenus voix et vidéo, la messagerie vocale, le partage de bureau et des fonctions de conférences, le tout dans un seul client installé dans votre poste de travail.

Ebook: 7 Major Manufacturing Challenges

The manufacturing industry is a powerful force in the world economy. But while the industry has a storied past, and there’s no fear that global manufacturing will suddenly shut down, doing business as usual isn’t the best strategy in the face today's technology challenges.

Cisco Notices

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2017 Notices


Top 7 IT and Cloud Trends from VMworld 2016

Top 7 IT and Cloud Trends from VMworld 2016
Melissa Coen
Wednesday, Octobre 19, 2016 - 10:30 VMworld 2016

VMworld US 2016 took place August 28 – September 1 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The US VMware convention boasted over 23,000 attendees from 83 countries, and more than 400 sessions, hosted by nearly 800 expert speakers. Several senior leaders from VMware discussed the evolution of the IT industry and the impact of cloud-computing in today’s organizations.

“Every dimension of our lives is going digital.”
- Sanjay Poonen, GM, End-User Computing and Head of Global Marketing.

In a session discussing VMware’s industry perspective on digital business and the state of the cloud, the company’s CEO Pat Gelsinger said, “Cloud has been the single most transformative phenomenon in technology of the past decade. It has ushered in an era of nearly unlimited choice for IT professionals, developers and business decision makers.” Gelsinger also asserted that networking and security in the cloud era is teeming with new opportunities and challenges, due to a lack of consistent security and compliance across clouds. Gelsinger went on to say:

"Hyper-converged Infrastructure has revolutionized private cloud deployment."

"A software-defined network fabric that spans many clouds is the foundation on which many multi-cloud security and management services are built. One key benefit to a distributed, virtualized multi-cloud network is that customers can easily move workloads from a private data center to a public cloud or between clouds and preserve existing network and security settings. Innovations in network virtualization, cloud-native apps, cloud management and digital workspaces have made this multi-cloud revolution possible. Hyper-converged Infrastructure has revolutionized private cloud deployment. The end-game is to propel businesses forward, connecting people, apps, data and devices all the way to IoT."

Pat Gelsinger at VMworld 2016

“We must address the next industry challenge: Introducing the cross-cloud architecture...there is no longer a distinction from digital to traditional business.”
– Pat Gelsinger

VMworld highlighted a variety of high-impact technology trends, including:


1. Enterprise Cloud Apps

Enterprises are turning toward cloud-native applications to achieve greater speed and agility with their systems.

2. Network Virtualization

There is a trend towards network virtualization, where hardware meshes with a network hypervisor and is topped with network topologies. And as the performance of the public internet improves, deploying a more reliable, observable WAN infrastructure, designed to optimize the performance of apps is key. Businesses can optimize their network infrastructures by implementing a converged and fully-managed hosted network, to integrate voice, data, video and internet into a single comprehensive architecture.

3. The Network Bridge to the Multi-cloud Future

Through NSX and other secure virtual networking software, networking is undergoing major changes in order to support tomorrow’s application infrastructures.

4. Software Independence from Hardware

There is a tendency toward “bring your own software,” with the hardware remaining in the cloud. Businesses are now realizing a major gain in productivity with the significantly improved load times for servers in a virtual environment.

5. Internet of Things (IOT)

Enterprises are now on the brink of boosting innovation and market share as they develop smart, connected IoT products across many industries.  New tools like the Little IoT Agent (Liota) – a vendor-neutral, open-source SDK is helping to make IoT a reality in the enterprise.

6. Business Mobility

VoIP mobility tools and innovations in digital workspaces are enabling the digital enterprise – converging mobile devices, data centers and the cloud – toward innovation and expansion into new markets. Real-time communication apps like Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber and Spark, and Mobile Connect and Meet, allow employees to maximize their efficiency and productivity. With customized mobile conferencing and collaboration solutions in place, organizations stay connected. This connectivity results in improved customer relationships to positively influence the enterprise’s bottom line.

7. Security

As countless companies are breached each year, a fresh approach is needed. Hence, the trend toward an architecture for security that is based on virtualization. A managed network security solution that offers VPN access can enforce BYOD policies while still providing remote workers access to internal resources like email, apps and files. And employees and customers alike want to be sure that the companies they are working with have a network that is secure, reliable and has a network infrastructure in place that will ensure ongoing business continuity.

Want to learn more about the latest and greatest technologies coming out of VMworld 2016, and how they can be customized for your organization? Talk to us today!

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Cisco Jabber FAQs

What is Cisco Jabber?

Cisco Jabber  is a unified communications and collaboration application that provides instant messaging, video, presence, audio, visual voicemail, and web conferencing capabilities all from a single application.

How do I control the sounds and notifications I receive?

You can specify the sound and dock bounce for all events that send a notification.

Choose Jabber > Preferences > Events.