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How to Add Cisco Webex Teams Calling to Your UC Environment

This Whiteboard Friday video explores the different ways you can implement Cisco Spark Calling to your Cisco Environment.

Cisco Spark Calling lets you make and receive calls via an actual physical handset or via the Cisco Spark app running on your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet.

Cisco Spark Calling Option 1: Cisco Cloud + West SIP and PTSN

Spark Calling comes in a couple of different flavors. You can use the Cisco Spark Calling that comes directly from Cisco and is hosted in the Cisco Cloud. In this option, the media - the actual SIP connectivity and the PSTN capability - is provided by partners like West. So, it's Cisco plus West (or another partner) providing that calling capability.

Cisco Spark Calling Option 2: Cisco Spark Hybrid

The other way to utilize Cisco Spark Calling is what Cisco has called Cisco Spark Hybrid Services. Hybrid calling leverages a current Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure you may already have. This could be on-premises with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), or something hosted by West like VoiceMaxx CE, which is our VoiceMaxx Cisco Edition product.

You can use your existing enterprise-class calling capability and extend that out into the other Cisco Spark scenarios (e.g. Messaging and Meeting). So you have a couple of different choices. You can go with Cisco plus West, or you can go with Hybrid, which in our vernacular is going to equal VoiceMaxx CE. 

So we would really recommend you look at Hybrid first and foremost. It has the enterprise-quality, highly tested, proven calling capability. If you want to go into the Cisco and West option, that's more of an emerging set of technology. Something we think is going to be exciting, but maybe something suitable more for smaller-sized businesses to get started with.