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ACP for Skype for Business User Guide

Ajout de West Audio à votre compte Skype Entreprise - Guide de configuration des nouveaux comptes ACP

Le téléchargement des détails de votre compte Reservationless-Plus dans le portail Microsoft pour Skype Entreprise ne comprend que quelques étapes simples.

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There are two ways to get your audio account set up:

  • Work with your West UC sales representative to provide all the necessary information to set up new owners and add InterCall Reservationless-Plus to their accounts. Your representative can then provide you with a spreadsheet detailing all of your company's owners and their conference codes.
  • Use your InterCall owner ID and web PIN to create an account at www.intercallonline.com. Then call account management at 800.374.2441 to have your InterCall-Online (IOL) account enabled as an administrator. Query IOL for the Owner's conference credentials to insert into Skype for Business Dial-In Properties.