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Why West for Your Enterprise Communications

Friday, September 4, 2015 - 13:15
Why West for your Enterprise Communications

Many companies, from the SMB market to larger enterprises, are evaluating cloud based communications and many of them are already using solutions that are hosted. In Information Week’s 2013 State of Unified Communications, over 43% of companies said they had already deployed on a UCaaS model and this is number expected to continue to grow.

Why is this trend taking place? In the same study, 82% of companies that had chosen this route were realizing the ROI they anticipated and 75% of companies were seeing an increase in productivity through the use of mobile applications.

Those statistics are speaking to the results, but many businesses are looking for a better way to simplify how their organizations are communicating using better applications and tools, while also simplifying the management and support of this environment.

Why West Unifed Communications Services?

There are three things that distinguish us in the UCaaS space. Our experience, expertise and the service we provide our customers. West has deployed hosted unified communications since 2000, and have developed our solutions using best of breed technology.

West has encountered nearly any challenge we could face in that period of time and have built our global data centers and server environment to withstand those obstacles and to promote productivity for our customers. This experience has positioned West as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS

Businesses are looking for a way to bring together the different ways their users are communicating (phone, email, mobile devices, video, conferencing, contact center etc) in a more streamlined environment so it is easier to support and works more efficiently for their users. Many of the customers I talk to on a daily basis have a mixture of Cisco, Microsoft, SaaS applications and premise-based applications to consider and it is challenging to find a solution that will take into account all those environments.

These business challenges are why our approach to the UC conversation is so successful. Being able to consult with my customers and offer solutions that incorporate existing applications and investments into our sophisticated architecture will allow for higher levels of productivity for the end user so the business is enabled to be more successful.

The West Unified Communications Platform Explained

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