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Whiteboard Fridays: Investing in Communications as the Foundation of your Digital Transformation

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 09:00
Communications for Digital Transformation

The phrase “digital transformation” has been on the lips of every executive and IT leader for many years now – and for good reason! By applying digital capabilities to processes, products and assets, businesses can operate more efficiently, enhance customer experience, manage risk and uncover new growth and monetization opportunities.

At Intrado, we see digital transformation as an ongoing journey. During this journey we find that organizations tend to progress through three common phases wherein the following goals are prioritized:

Phase I: Improving Operational Efficiency and Service Quality

During the first phase of transformation, strategy development is key. Organizations in these early phases focus on improving operational efficiency and service quality. At this point in the journey, companies are also seeking to improve productivity, reduce operational costs improve customer experience and enhance their digital presence.  

Phase 2: Faster Decision-Making and Innovation

In the second phase, companies train their attention to speed decision making while attracting and retaining a workforce that is creative and focused on innovation. During this step of the journey, businesses often look to implement technologies that can improve collaboration and facilitate creative exchange between geographically dispersed workforces.

Phase 3: Accelerated Growth and Agility

The third phase of digital transformation, and beyond, companies begin to balance the goals of decision speed and innovation to focus on market growth and agility. It’s during this stage that organizations concentrate on expanding to new markets and regions, becoming more competitive in products and services and enhancing business continuity. For businesses that are “well ahead” in their transformation process, improving sales and marketing effectiveness and improving agility and responsiveness become core to their efforts.

Throughout the journey, strategic investments in collaboration, analytics and customer experience infrastructure serve as the foundation for improvement. For this reason, we like to think of the journey as more of a communications transformation than a digital transformation.

Embarking on a Communications Transformation

For many organizations, a communications transformation begins with the adoption of cloud-based unified communications and collaboration tools. Moving these solutions to the Cloud enables a flexible path that allows businesses to build-in capabilities that house everything from voice, video, meetings and team collaboration in a single experience that can be scaled up or scaled down as the organization’s needs change.

Turning Information to Insight

The destination for your journey is high performance and customers turn to Intrado to optimize their communications transformations because of our broad portfolio of unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaas) tools and our ability to help them see the big picture.  With decades of experience knitting together solutions in highly complex environments, Intrado supports customers throughout all phases of their transformation journey from planning and consultation to project management, training, adoption, support and analytics. Ready to get on the road to high performance? Connect with the Intrado team today to get started.  

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