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West's NOC: The UC Partner You Need

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 13:30
West Network Operations Center

The decision to have a service provider manage your unified communications network is not an easy one. You must trust that the partner’s team is at least as good as yours, is maintaining an effective vigil, that they’re actually easing the IT burden, and that they’re optimizing user experience.

At West, we have finely tuned our network operations center (NOC) to be the UC partner you need and deserve. We have created an environment that consistently exceeds what IT typically expects from an MSP.

For example, many service providers have a tiered ticketing system that includes junior-level technicians taking calls. At West, all customers are given 24/7/365 direct and immediate access to our fully-staffed Cisco-certified engineering teams. In other words, there are no entry-level representatives to wade through to get your questions answered.

Delivering Personalized Service Through Our NOC

All NOC teams have customer information available to them, which means all our NOC engineers deliver personalized service. We can do so, if necessary, in a role-based manner where we can control – with your authorization – what each member of your IT team is able to access and change. For example, your network admin would not be able to change a standard configuration that your senior network managers put into place. We also log all activity so you can review for compliance, auditing or rollback.

We’ve had clients describe previous service provider experiences as managed router solutions. We make sure our NOC provides a fully managed network that is survivable, dynamically routed, and from a single provider. We offer a full network design, configuration and installation as well as management and maintenance.

Supplementing Your IT Team

Not every IT team has the equivalent expertise of the NOC so we make sure to communicate in real-time the status of your network in a clear and concise manner. We know that in some instances we are filling a void in your on-site skill set and, therefore, become an extension of your IT team.

We also support you when you want to make the most of your own skills and investments. You’ll have the ability to access and manage your settings directly, knowing that we’ll maintain a record of previous settings to allow for a rapid return to those settings should anything not work as required.

Proactive System Threshold Monitoring

Many NOCs operate on a “down” principle – alerting you only when a failure or outage has occurred. At West, we monitor for thresholds and notify your team when systems are nearing that threshold and might possibly spark an event or outage. Together, we can avoid disruption to users or critical systems. Our Cisco-certified engineers proactively monitor all client networks to spot anomalies that could cause problems. Again, our hope is to provide you a better experience than you could on your own.

Web-based Management and Reporting Tools

For many IT teams, network visibility and historical data are essential for planning and budgeting. We provide Web-based management tools with real-time insight and historical reporting to help you align your business’ UC needs in a cost-effective manner. For instance, we can help you cost-justify increased bandwidth based on traffic flows and performance metrics.

Our Experience is the Difference

Perhaps what’s unique about our NOC and our expert staff is our focus on large-scale enterprises operating in geographically dispersed areas. There’s not a lot we haven’t seen in our years devoted to this construct, so oftentimes we’ll have a solution before you even notice there’s a problem. With cloud being relatively new to most enterprises, partnering with an MSP with such a wide range of experience ensures there are not likely to be a lot of surprises with your service.

Experience and expertise without a commitment to service have no value. We value our customer relationships. We have spent years honing our skills, toolbox, and processes to help you mitigate risk. What we have learned over the years is what we bring to the table to improve your business.

We hope you’ll see that our NOC is different – it’s developed with you in mind. We’re focused on helping you reach the goals that you have when you sign on to an MSP: to lessen the burden on your team; to lower the cost and complexity of deploying new technology; to achieve faster rollout times; to keep up with the evolving UC market; and to realize full resiliency of your infrastructure and services for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Watch: Learn More About West's NOC

We are sure that if you pull back the curtain on other MSPs, that experience will not be as transparent or fulfilling as what we offer here at West.

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