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How VoIP Enhances Customer Services Level

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 13:45
VoIP Customer Service Level

Customer service excellence has always been and will always be, one of the most crucial competitive advantages for any business. If we created perfect products and services, customer service wouldn't exist. But we don't, so it does.

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One of the companies I provide IT support for recently became vendor of the year for one of their partners.  In large part, (We’ve all heard the stories about firms that achieved customer service accolades from the right things they did every day, but instead because of how) they handled a customer service issue that went wrong.  The client ends up extremely pleased about the superior way in which their issue was resolved; In an age where technology is advancing almost faster than we can keep up with it, how can a business VoIP phone system help your business improve by offering ‘break the mold’ levels of customer service?

Execptional products create satisfied customers. Exceptions customer service create brand loyalists. The latter is what you need to move your company forward in today's market.

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Maximize each Customer Interaction

As the popular saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  So, when your customer calls in, what information do you have about them that can assist in making that interaction a positive one?  

If your company has an enhanced business VoIP phone system in place, they may have not only basic features like caller ID, but may be able to integrate caller data with their customer relationship management (CRM) system as well.  

These kinds of systems give your team more information about their clients, such as access to any previous issues they have had, purchases they’ve made, and so on.  With the power of this information at their fingertips, your employees now have the ability to tailor the interaction to better meet the client’s needs – making them feel like they are valued – each and every time they connect with your company.

Give your Customers and Employees more Ways to Communicate

Customers today expect companies to be available 24 x 7 and want to be able to contact customer support through whatever means is convenient to them.  Additionally, employees want the flexibility to work from home or take calls on the go.  So, it is vitally important that companies have a range of communication options available to both clients, prospects, and employees alike.

One solution to these kinds of demands is a product called VoiceMaxx from West Unified Communications.  For VoiceMaxx customers who need to extend the reach of their corporate communications to mobile employees, the Mobile Connect product delivers a powerful set of features that converges the services of desktop handset service with a user’s mobile phone, allowing for single-number contact.

Designed for both the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems, Mobile Connect is an application that allows mobile employees to have one-touch access to their enterprise communication network from their mobile handset. The application is available exclusively to our customers as a free download from the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

Moreover, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allows remote workers to connect to their corporate infrastructure from their home or small offices, making them extended members of both the voice and data networks.

From the customer’s standpoint, these kinds of available services allow companies to be reachable through more channels, extending the time period available for handling their customer service requests.

Features that Evolve with Changing Customer Demand

As any company knows, customer demands ebb and flow depending on peak seasons, supply chains, and other economic factors.  It is ideal, then, for your company to implement a flexible business VoIP system that can change as customer demands change.  As your enterprise needs change, West UC’s cloud–based architecture gives you the flexibility to align your voice services with business needs.

MaxxConnect for SIP Trunking provides Dynamic Trunk Pooling, meaning you only pay for the capacity needed and can add more as your needs dictate.  With this kind of cloud-based solution, you also gain access to web-based management tools that give your management access to call detail reports, ticket tracking, and a variety of other administrative account functions. You can also expand your local footprint through Virtual DID’s, by setting up local numbers in remote cities in order to provide a virtual presence in an expanding market.

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So whether your company is still using an on-premises-only solution or a hybrid or cloud-based solution, its business VoIP phone services should be feature-rich and flexible in order to maximize your customer service interactions.  Doing so will help to ensure that your employees meet or exceed customer expectations, helping your company make each and every customer interaction a positive experience.  That results in increased customer satisfaction, retention, and recommendation!

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