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10 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Content Right Now

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 10:00
10 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Content Right Now

Website content—it’s just as important as navigation and usability because it’s what informs investors. It’s the reason they visit your IR website.

While it’s vital your content is accurate and timely, it’s also important for it to be compelling and varied. You should think of your website content as needing regular care to ensure it is evolving with the needs and interests of your audience.

Here are ten ways to improve your website content, today:

1. Incorporate Images

Use images to creatively showcase your products, business culture and staff. Any pictures you place on your website should be of a high resolution and of a professional nature. Keep in mind, images aren’t limited to traditional photography. Vary the type of images you include on your site by also incorporating infographics and even drawings. 

2. Embrace Digital Media

Visuals don’t have to be static. Digital media is everywhere you look on the internet, so why not incorporate it in your content strategy? Stats show that on average, website video content retains around 37 percent of viewers through its entire duration.

Multimedia doesn’t stop at videos. You can also incorporate soundbites, podcasts and GIFs to make content more engaging.

3. Write Compelling CTAs

A call to action (CTA) is the best way to encourage engagement and active responses from your clients and prospects. Using phrases or buttons that encourage additional action, such as signing up for activities or a monthly newsletter, inspires users to continue to engage.

4. Be a Storyteller

Rather than writing perfunctory blog posts bogged down with information, tell your readers a story. Storytelling is a compelling way to share news and information. When we tell stories rather than simply stating facts, we engage our audience on a more creative level, allowing us to connect with them personally and even emotionally. Your business has many stories to tell, so find those stories and share them with your website visitors.

5. Offer Value

People visit your website for information, updates and news. The content you provide must offer value. It should be meaningful, organized, easy-to-understand and useful. Remove or update any outdated content to reflect current standards.

6. Mix It Up

Dynamic content comes in many forms. Your website content should include:

  • Long and short-form blogs
  • Interviews with experts, current clients, executive team members, etc.
  • Testimonials, reviews and case studies
  • Gated content—use this to encourage email sign-ups that you can use to share future news and updates. Be certain any gated content is useful, well thought and helpful
  • Social media links
  • Content from other sources—don’t be afraid to share content from other sources, just make sure the content is accurate and the source is trustworthy

7. Keep Things Consistent

Do your headings match in size? How about font? Are your pages laid out in similar, cohesive ways? If not, spend some time adjusting your pages so that they have a consistent look and feel. Ideally your website should be designed to incorporate a theme—one that reflects your brand.

8. Include Headings

Headings matter—search engines use them and they also help navigate users to the information they need. Use headings to break up large pieces of information into smaller, organized chunks. Users can then scan a page’s headings to quickly find the information they need.

9. Write Simply

Plain language is vital for effective communication. This doesn’t mean talking down to your intended audience, but rather ensuring content on your website is easy to understand and jargon-free with special attention paid to spelling and grammar. Writing plainly takes practice, but it’s a must for any website that wants to offer superior content.

10. Stay Current

Outdated website content is the bane of every user’s online experience. A business website featuring obsolete content can negatively impact how clients, prospects and partners view your company’s trustworthiness and competence.  

Your Content is Worth the Effort

When you spend the time fine-tuning and updating your website’s content, you ensure it remains relevant, timely and accurate. You also make it easy for users to find what they need, when they need it.