How the DIY Movement has Effected UC Technology

Thursday, Octubre 30, 2014 - 11:15
DIY in Communications Tech

Years ago, Bob Villa started the ‘do it yourself’ craze with home improvements. As technology has progressed, we’ve become accustomed to being able to do all kinds of things on our own, regardless of how handy we are. From checking out at the grocery store to using the airline kiosk at the airport to avoid lines, no one can deny the speed and convenience that goes along with self-service.

West Adds Do-it-Yourself Features to Managed Communications Technology

Though our clients respond very strongly to the high quality service we provide, West Unified Communications is always looking for new ways to help them be as efficient as possible, including adding more DIY capability. For our VoiceMaxx and VoiceMaxx CE clients, we’ve added several new self-service options, including the ability to make call flow changes with West Cloud Contact.

Through our customer portal, MaxxPoint, admins can manage phone systems and individual end users’ profiles, including setting preferences, associating devices and enabling/disabling presence. They can also make call flow modifications and ring strategy adjustments. In addition, admins have access to user setting tools like the ability to change or reset voicemail passwords or manage phone configurations such as speed dials.

On-demand Features Add DIY Components to UC Tools

These enhancements give administrators additional on-demand tools with which they can better manage and maintain their systems – from anywhere. An IT admin for multiple healthcare offices, for example, could change call flow to voicemail if office hours change, schedule holiday office closures or set caller ID overrides.

We’re not limiting the self-service features only to admins, though. Just as IT departments want to have more control and not rely on vendors to implement changes, end users don’t want to contact tech support every time they need to adjust their personal settings. With our new options, end users can make a variety of changes to their lines when needed. They are able to:

  • Make changes to phone PINs
  • Set their phone to auto answer
  • Choose whether to use video for calls (if they have a video phone)
  • Program timers on their phone based on availability
  • Set up extension mobility so their profile carries with them, regardless of the phone
  • Control the way the call screen appears or what it displays with caller ID
  • Customize music on hold
  • Choose call waiting settings, i.e., goes to voicemail after x amount of calls are holding
  • Select ringtones

DIY Options Don't Effect West's Superior Customer Service

All this talk about self-service is not to say that we aren’t here when our customers need us. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer support, from initial consultation to implementation to on-going assistance from our certified engineers.

Have you accessed these new features yet? Let us know how they have helped you maintain your phone network or be more productive.

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