4 Signs You Should Move to Cloud-Based UC

Friday, Octubre 3, 2014 - 14:15
Move to Cloud-Based UC

While many business technologies seem to be racing headlong into the cloud these days, one area that has been slower to change is tele-communications.

Whether you’re talking about direct calls between two individuals, conferences between several co-workers, or large-scale webcasts to the entire organization, the communications function is so core to the way business is conducted that some IT and business leaders have been reluctant to abandon all that nifty hardware and cabling in the locked closet in favor of a solution hosted somewhere “in the IT skies.

Despite that historic reluctance, the rapid advancements in technology and speed of business today means that many organizations might be better-served by moving to a cloud-based communications solution. So how do you know if yours is one of them? Here are four signs that can help you make the call.

1. The Need for Change is at Hand

Cloud-Based UC Considerations

Has your organization outgrown the system’s current capacity, or will it soon? Is your sales force clamoring for a truly unified communications solution that your current technology can’t deliver?

Whatever the reason, with members of your organization pushing for  larger, faster or better communications systems, the need to act is imminent to meet current and future business needs. It may be time to consider cloud-based communication solutions from an industry leader like West Unified Communications Services.

In reality, if you’re planning to replace the old equipment with a new on-site solution, “ASAP” probably means “18 to 36 months.” Believe it or not, this is probably a realistic estimate by the time you get done talking to the stakeholders, determining requirements, comparing vendors, sending and reviewing RFQs, installing and configuring equipment, and so on – you get the picture. It’s a long, arduous process.

You can bring that implementation process down considerably, however, by moving your communications to the West UC cloud, because many of these steps will have already been accomplished by West UC. Sure, you’ll still have to determine the requirements and seek out RFQs, but the bulk of the infrastructure itself will already be in place and operational in their data centers. This means you can be up and running with your new solution in half the time – or less. And with a significantly simpler pricing model, it’s a whole lot easier to calculate the cost and project the ROI.

Furthermore, the West UC cloud-based communications-as-a-service platform will provide your business with the technological infrastructure to always remain current. As new advancements in technology are introduced, West UC will make the upgrade so your organization is never stuck paying for yesteryear’s technology today.

2. The Business Requires Greater Flexibility or Scalability

Let’s face it, if you could reliably predict the future you’d be using that talent to select Lottery tickets! Since you probably can’t, you need to be able to make adjustments to your communications solution as business’s needs change.

Just look at the impact unified communications has had on organizations – starting with the fact that voice communications are now managed by IT instead of a separate group of telecom specialists.

The wider use of video between individuals and groups is taking up more space, time, and network bandwidth. Increases in the number of remote offices, not to mention mobile workers overall, has made it even more difficult to keep up with user demands – especially when IT is already being asked to do more with less.

Using a cloud-based UC deployment solution allows IT to shift the bulk of the heavy lifting to West UC. You simply let West UC know what moves, adds, or changes need to be performed and they take care of it – most of the time with no more involvement from your team. This freedom allows your team to focus its time on higher-priority projects that will help advance the business.

3. The Organization is Thinking Globally

Cloud-Based UC Global

While managing a communications infrastructure within North America can be challenging, it’s nothing compared to what you’ll face around the globe. Incompatible technologies, Byzantine regulations and legal requirements, varying billing practices and more – can take the simple idea of getting users on the same communications platform – and turn it into a complex nightmare.

Furthermore, the burden is on managers to show ROI across many infrastructures and platforms at myriad locations. In North American applications, PSTN centralization via SIP trunking is often viewed as a way to pay for projects. That’s going to be a whole lot more difficult when you go international, since you are faced with varying infrastructures, levels of redundancy, security, and so on.

Cloud-based communications providers, like West UC, face those same challenges of course. But they’ve already solved them, so you don’t have to. It’s the fastest, most direct way to enable a global communications network.

4. Every Day is “BYOD” Day

Cloud-Based UC BYOD

The so-called “Consumerization of IT” has had a huge impact on organizations. Between users accessing the network with their own smartphones, tablets, and other devices; and downloading and installing non-business related apps on those devices, (outside of organizational standards), management and support requirements have spiraled out of control.

This is another area where hosted communication providers, like West UC, can make a huge difference. Because of their broad experience they are able to fully support the range of tools users need – including devices and apps – making it easier for users to do their jobs effectively.  If there is a gap, West UC will have the resources to close it quickly, improving security while maintaining a greater degree of standardization.  Users are happy because they can work where, when, and how they want; IT is happy because they are left managing a single provider rather than a plethora of devices and apps.

So, do you recognize any of those signs in your organization? Then perhaps it’s time for you to look to the IT skies for a cloud-based UC deployment solution from West UC. Let West UC lighten the load of telecomms for your IT department and provide smooth deployment of services.

Services that include an increased potential for cost savings across any platform, and state of the art infrastructure that is kept maintained with up-to-date security and technology. West UC allows your employees to maximize their efficiency and productivity, so they can stay focused on meeting your business’s goals.

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