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Keeping up with your Mobile Workforce

For a manager with a mobile workforce, it can often be a challenge to keep track of your remote employees like you can your intra–office workers.

More Business is Being Done from Home or Remote Sites

Aside from monitoring productivity, managers may also deal with issues for remote workers such as network security, data transmission issues, remote support and variance in local broadband service.

However, with the right set of technology tools, remote workers can function as effectively as workers sitting in the office – and you can manage them as such. Here are three tools to equip your remote workforce with that will make everyone’s job easier and more productive.

Secure VPN Connectivity

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) grants secure remote access to corporate data resources, such as e-mail, applications, databases and file stores from remote locations. All you need is your own Broadband internet access and an enterprise communication system the supports VPN connectivity. Keeping up with your Mobile Workforce.

Fixed to Mobile Convergence Applications

Fixed to mobile convergence essentially means that your mobile phone becomes your desktop phone, and can access all of the features that your PBX can provide. This means that no matter where they happen to be at the time, remote workers can access and delete voicemail, receive calls as a member of hunt groups or queues and place local, long distance and four-digit extension calls, through their mobile phone.

Collaborations Tools

Since remote workers can’t be physically present in meetings and working sessions, they’ll need the tools to make it easy to collaborate and interact with your team. Essential to this is a online meeting center application, preferably one tied to your enterprise communications platform that requires no calls to third-party numbers and no pre-call setup. Personal Conference Lines also boost productivity, allowing your employees to collaborate easily over the phone in groups of two or more.

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