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The Foundation for Improving CX

Survey says: look to the cloud.


Customer demands seem to change with the seasons, but in reality they change with technology, which is itself rapidly changing. It’s no surprise that 74% of CIOs and IT decision makers find it highly challenging to keep up with customer demands. Customer service is no longer just about being responsive and elivering great service in a single transaction; it's more about anticipating needs at every touch point and delivering an extraordinary experience in context of the whole customer.

In an effort to understand how organizations are improving the customer experience, as well as the challenges and benefits of doing so, West partnered with IDG to conduct a study of 100 CIOs and IT decision makers. The results, presented here, offer valuable insights for organizations that recognize customer experience (CX) as a true differentiator.

Download the whitepaper to see the survey responses and learn:

  • The most challenging aspects of improving CX 
  • Top benefits of leveraging the cloud for CX
  • The CX technologies most likely to make an impact

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