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West IP Division Rates - EMEA

Rates for Time and Materials

Customer time and material rates for West UC Limited (or West UC Limited - West IP Communications Division, as the case may be) (“West”) not specified under West service agreements.  Charges will be billed in 1 hour minimums and 15 minute increments.  Travel expenses will be billed at actual cost.  If you would like an estimate of the length of time it will take to fix your problem in advance, please contact us at + 44 800 0488 280 (UK toll free number).

Title Rates
Internetwork Engineer £163
Infrastructure Engineer 3 £98
Infrastructure Engineer 2 £83
Infrastructure Engineer 1 £65
Client Engineer 3 £56
Client Engineer 2 £46
Client Engineer 1 £33
Field Engineer £33
Trainer £40
Webinar Training (Maximum 15 participants per session) £163
On Site Training (1 Day Minimum) £586

In all cases, Customer shall reimburse InterCall for all reasonable travel expenses incurred by the person providing the services including, but not limited to, air travel, hotel and automobile rental or usage.


If you have any questions about these time and material rates, please contact us at + 44 800 0488 280 (UK toll free number).

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