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West Cloud Contact Solutions Contact Centre Deployment

Cloud Contact Centre Deployment - Service Description

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Service Description: Cloud Contact Centre Deployment

What’s included

West Cloud Contact Solutions, Ltd charge a one time set-up cost per concurrent agent that Customers subscribe to for our Cloud contact centre platform.

This fixed cost set-up cost includes the following services:

Pre-Onsite Services:

Creation of the Tenant instance

Creation of the Contact Centre Blueprint document which will form the basis of the system to be delivered.

Submission of Porting forms where appropriate. (Multiple port rejections due to data error in submissions may result in charges by carriers for repeat submissions).

System Build Services:

Creation of Phone numbers on the Cloud contact centre platform

Creation of the Agent, Supervisor and Admin Profiles

Creation of the Campaigns and initial calling list upload (via Web UI or FTP profiles)

Commissioning of the system and testing ready for service using a test call flow/campaign which can also be used for testing. The Test call flow may either be a West Cloud Contact Solutions. Ltd provided test call flow, or a model call flow based upon the customer’s requirements in the blueprint which can be used as the basis for the creation of the rest of the customer call flows. Unless expressly agreed in writing, Model call flows will not include integration to 3rd party systems other than pre-integrated CRM Systems.

Setup of a URL screen pop of a Pre-integrated CRM Screen pop (e.g. Salesforce or MS Dynamics) for inbound and outbound calls based upon CLI of the caller or the Unique Record ID of an outbound dialled customer.

Unless otherwise agreed the customer is responsible for recording their prompts and providing them to West Cloud Contact Solutions, Ltd. Alternatively West Cloud Contact Solutions, Ltd can provide voice prompts professionally recorded in a studio by voice artists in many languages at additional costs. (Customer is responsible for any translations where appropriate).


Completion of the West Cloud Contact Solutions, Ltd Standard UAT Test plan to establish readiness for service.

Training and Go Live Support Services:

One set of training to the customer’s agents, team leaders and administrators to teach them how to use the system. This can either be to the users themselves or as a “train the trainer” course.

- Agent training time 30 minutes
- Supervisor training time 3 hours
- System Administrator Training 3.5 hours

On site go live support for the go live day and a period thereafter (dependent upon the number of agents that have been purchased).

Provide hand-over to support and access to support portal and obtain customer sign off.

Intensive Care Support:

After ‘go live’ the Success Manager will have a daily conference call with the customer and their team to cover of any in life questions and address productivity optimisation suggestions. This daily call will last for 7 days or until the customer does not require it, if less.

There will then be a weekly call for 4 weeks, giving way to a fortnightly call for another 4 weeks after which the normally monthly Success Management program will operate.

Where Customers request additional services, training or resources from West Cloud Contact Solutions, Ltd., these may be provided at West Cloud Contact Solutions’s sole discretion and may be charged for at our published day rates for professional services. Where delivered on site, Travel and Living costs (T&L) will be charged at our published day rates for the location.