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VoiceMaxx CE Administration Portal User Guide

Complete User and Phone Management for Designated VoiceMaxx CE Admins

Designated VoiceMaxx CE admins receive access to the MaxxPoint portal that provides administrative management for across user and user groups. With an assigned login, you can enter the secure Admin Portal within the Apps section to manage things like:

  • End users – voicemail preferences, extensions, mobility, devices and more
  • Phone management – ring settings, display, music on hold, call waiting, etc.
  • Class of service – in service, out of service, partially out of service

Other Administrative Tools

Change Client Administrator Password - To ensure that your password is secure, the system requires an alphanumeric password that contains at least 6 characters.

View/Modify Number Groups - A Number Group is a set or group of phones that can be used by one or multiple Hunt Groups in a Hunt Group List. Organizations utilize Number Groups to ensure that calls to their employees can be answered promptly with minimal effort. Admin can make various changes including, adding lines, change distribution method, and reorder.

View Transactions per Customer Only - Transaction statuses summarize the state of a requested action (transaction). Transactions often consist of multiple sub-transactions; the status of these sub-transactions is also reported by the system.

View Location Information - A Location is the location/site within an organization/company that actually receives the telephony service.

Hunt Groups - A hunt group is a set of phones to which rules can be applied so that calls can be answered more efficiently. Depending on the rules, a call to any phone in the group causes all the phones to ring at the same time, or each phone rings in turn and the call is forwarded to the next phone in the group until it is answered.

For assistance while logged into the Admin site, access the Help Tool at the bottom of the left menu for quick reference information and instructions. Download the pdf version to learn more.

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