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How to Voice Enable Microsoft Lync - WBF Video

Learn how to make the most of your Microsoft Lync Server by utilizing voice enabled Lync from West Unified Communications in this Whiteboard Friday video.

Let's talk about a very popular application that's out there, Microsoft Lync, and how to voice enable it. Specifically, we're going to talk about Lync servers that you have on premise and how we could voice enable those using the Cloud services and West Unified Communications Services. Later on we'll talk about Lync Online which is the version of Lync that Microsoft hosts up in the Cloud.

Voice Enabled Lync with Server On Premise

With Lync server on premise you've got your Lync server, and it's talking to Lync clients that are on PCs or on phones or on tablets. Lync out of the box is going to give you instant messaging and presence along with Lync to Lync calling.

If I wanted to call using my Lync client on my phone to somebody else's Lync client on a PC I can do that, but if I want to voice enable Lync and have Lync be able to send and receive calls to the outside world, to the public switch telephone network or PSTN, what I need is a SIP trunk. Basically, I need a SIP trunk solution that gets me connected to some SIP trunk provider.

Adding SIP Trunking to Microsoft Lync

West UC offers SIP trunking through a product called MaxxConnect. It's a certified SIP trunking provider for Lync Server 2010 or Lync Server 2013. You get that SIP trunk connected to West UC, and then because West UC is connected out to different voice providers, you're able to go ahead and start making and receiving calls.

Using Lync as a PBX Companion

One of the added benefits of choosing West UC as your SIP trunking provider is our flexibility. If you want to use Lync as a full blown voice solution that's great. But a lot of our customers say, "Hey. I really want to have like a more traditional PBX solution alongside of Lync." So, rather than Lync as a PBX replacement, they're looking at Lync more as a great PBX companion.

If you want to use Lync as more of a PBX companion, we can take that same West UC connection and connect you out to your own phone system or to our system using VoiceMaxx or VoiceMaxx CE. This allows you to have your regular desk phones, your Cisco IP phone, your whole Lync environment and it can all be unified in one dial plan, even to the point of going beyond dialing. You can get to the point where you're sharing status. So if you pick up the phone on your VoiceMaxx system, your Lync clients will show that you're on a VoiceMaxx call. Or, if you hit "do not disturb" on your phone, your Lync clients will show do not disturb.

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