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How Cisco Webex Teams Hybrid Works with the West Cloud

In this Whiteboard Friday video, learn how Cisco Spark Hybrid uses Cisco Expressway to connect the West Cloud to your on-premises communications solutions.

Cisco Spark Hybrid has three components that work together to leverage a wide array of capabilities:

  1. The Cisco Spark Cloud
  2. The West Cloud
  3. Your On-premises Solutions

The Cisco Spark Cloud is joined in a hybrid scenario with the West Cloud in this case. There is a key piece of technology that joins together those three components Expressway by Cisco. It joins together the firewall traversal technology that's going to join together the West VoiceMaxx CE System and the Cisco Spark Cloud.

So, Expressway is going to connect the Spark Cloud with the West Cloud and route things out to the customer premises. Expressway then becomes the way you talk to your Exchange server (your active directory server) that's hosted on your premises. 

What this enables is all the best of the Cisco Spark Cloud services (i.e. messaging and meeting) along with access to West and VoiceMaxx CE for your calling. You can still use your on-premises exchange and Active Directory services as well. This allows you to integrate messaging in your email system as well as your Active Directory, which has all the information about all your different employees and how you'd want to populate those into Spark rooms.

That's how the Spark Hybrid scenario comes together. The key technology that brings it all together is Cisco Expressway, and we host that as part of the West Cloud.

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