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Frost & Sullivan Analyst on West Market Leadership

Frost & Sullivan Global Director, Tonya Fowler, explains why West was recognized as a leader in the global conferencing services market.

The global conferencing services market is in a state of rapid transition. The segments comprising the total market, including hosted audio, web conferencing, video conferencing, and managed video conferencing services, will each experience varying growth rates over the next seven years.

As a result, total market growth will be spurred by high growth rates of new services, yet tempered by the commoditization of mature technologies and services.

Providers' success in the conferencing services market, as in most other industries, is determined by both strategy and execution. Certain providers have failed to grow due to lack of timely response to changing customer demands and technology innovation. Others have been unable to sustain competitive growth rates due to poor execution despite their seemingly compelling vision.

West Leads the Way in the Conferencing Market via Innovation

Throughout the years, West has demonstrated the ability to not only identify, prioritize, and pursue emerging growth opportunities, but also lead the market in terms of industry innovation. While West's InterCall conferencing service remains a core strength, West has successfully expanded its collaboration services portfolio over the years - growing in both market share and recognition.

Proven Conferencing Services with Flexible Collaboration Tools

As one of the first audio conferencing providers to offer web conferencing services in the year 2000, West has successfully expanded its visual collaboration services portfolio since.

Today West offers its own well-known InterCall web and video conferencing solutions while also supporting a wide variety of third party web and video conferencing offerings. As a result, West's unrivaled portfolio satisfies a wide range of customer needs.

The best evidence is the company's large installed base of conferencing and collaboration customers - including and overwhelming majority of Fortune 100, 500, and 1,000 companies including over 2.7 million conference leaders in 75,000 organizations worldwide.

With an extensive portfolio of conferencing and collaboration solutions, a variety of pricing models, and ever-evolving proprietary infrastructure, West ensures that its InterCall customers have what they need to collaborate better and more efficiently.

Future-Proofing Conferencing Offerings with R&D

West is committed to research and development - continuously creating competitive differentiaters in the marketplace. In addition the the considerable R&D investments and the considerably enhancement it puts into the InterCall technology, West leverages an extensive ecosystem of the leading Unified Communications partners. Through API integration West is able to share technologies with its strong global network to co-market these opportunities along with joint sales efforts.

West is truly positioned as a comprehensive collaboration provider with best-in-breed communication tools and technologies and a best-fit strategy flexible enough to meet any customer requirement. 

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