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Examining the Levels of Cisco Webex Teams Meetings

In this Whiteboard Friday Marcus Schmidt, Senior Director of Product with West Unified Communications, highlights the different levels of Cisco Spark meetings.

Cisco Spark meetings can start with simple one-on-one meetings or a three-person meeting. But it can also graduate up into 25-person meetings or even 200-person meetings.

Level 1: Small Internal Meetings

There are different levels of Spark meetings, and you can go ahead and pick and choose the different level that meets the needs for your organization. You can get started with just the one-on-one or just the three-on-one participation in meetings. Those meetings can be audio meetings, video meetings, sharing content, all that kind of stuff. You can go up to 25-person meetings. 

Level 2: Large Meetings with External Endpoints

The key thing with 25-person meetings is it's all within your organization. If you want to get into a larger meeting (200-people) that is the meeting that basically becomes WebEx, or what Cisco was calling WebEx.

Cisco WebEx is still around. But when you get to that level of Spark meetings, you're really participating in a WebEx conference, and it includes external participants. It includes the ability to add in Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR), which is a video conferencing solution that uses TelePresence endpoints. It's really a robust meeting solution that uses your Spark client just like a WebEx solution.

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