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3 Ways to Enable Mobility in your Organization

Whiteboard Friday Video - Three ways to enable mobility in organizations. Mixing Microsoft or Cisco services with targeted investments in West UC.

When we think about mobility - and you all should be thinking about mobility because mobility is something that your end users are thinking about - we think about it in three different ways. Two of the ways come from partners of ours, and one comes from us.

1. Capitalize on Everything Microsoft is Doing Around Lync and Skype for Business

Microsoft is one of West UC's key unified communications partners. When it comes to mobility, the key thing that Microsoft brings to the table is Lync now known as Skype for Business. Lync is the solution that we capitalize on when it comes to enabling customers that want to have mobility and utilize Microsoft technologies.

Lync is available on all sorts of different platforms: iOS iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Windows phones, Windows tablets etc. Rather than go out and invent a new client that you're going to ask a customer to use or a user to end up using, use something that they're already familiar with, which is Microsoft Lync.

2. Capitalize on Everything Cisco is Doing Around Jabber

On the Cisco front, there's a similar type of technology that's called Jabber. That's the second piece of our mobility strategy. For customers that aren't using Microsoft, but instead are utilizing Cisco products, we take the Cisco Jabber instant messaging, presence and cell phone client that is also available on iOS, Android and on Windows desktops and tablets but not on Windows phones.

You can take advantage of the fact that Cisco has made all this investment to get Jabber to work on all these different device types very similar to the way Microsoft has with Lync. That can be the solution that your users have for their mobile instant messaging presence and voice communication and even video communication for both of these.

3. Targeted Investments in Mobile-friendly Applications from West UC

There are opportunities where Microsoft doesn't come to the table with anything we think is relevant and needed or Cisco doesn't come to the table with anything that we think is needed. That's where West Unified Communications Services comes in.

West UC does really targeted, specific mobile developments. Our service called Mobile Connect works with our VoiceMaxx platform. We have an app called MobileMeet which works with our InterCall conferencing solution. West UC comes up with specific, very targeted mobile applications that go after certain specific needs for users, not in general instant messaging, presence and voice communications but things that are all about a targeted voice solution or a targeted conferencing solution.

The other thing we make sure that we do is the actual websites themselves. We make sure that they work well on tablets. We have a lot of our customers that use our ControlMaxx contact center solution. Those contact center supervisors are able to walk around with a tablet and see what's going on with their contact center agents. Doing things with specific applications and also doing things to make sure our websites work well on mobile browsers is a key part of our strategy.

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