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InterCall Online Owner Reports User Guide

Numerous types of audio and web activity reports are available from InterCall Online to help you keep track and analyze your conferencing usage.

After logging into your InterCall Online account, select Reports from the top menu bar. There are three types of reports available:

  • Basic Reports
  • Product Reports
  • Premium Reports

Basic Reports

Summarize your audio conferencing activity, web activity, and stewardship for the last four months of billed data and the current month's data. Current month data displays estimated charges for your calls.

Customize your report by selecting the date or range of dates for which you want to analyze. Further customize your report by selecting from the list of Report Items. You can select to view your report onscreen in HTML or download to your desktop as an Excel spreadsheet.

Please note data is 48 hours in arrears. Also, you will be unable to view usage for the previous month during the bill run (approximately the first to eighth of each month).

  1. Choose the desired report type in the Select Report Type download: Audio Activity Reports, Web Activity Reports and Stewardship Reports.
  2. Enter the desired Date Range for the report you want to obtain.
  3. Check the appropriate boxes in the Report Items section to choose the conference detail you want to include and analyze, as all as any necessary filters.
  4. Select your type of output: Excel spreadsheet or HTML document.
  5. Click View Report to run and obtain your report.

Product Reports

Access your Product Reports for the following web conferencing services.

InterCall Unified Meeting® 5 Reports

  • Connect to your Unified Meeting account through InterCall Online to view your web conferencing reports

Cisco WebEx™ Meeting Center Reports

  • Access your Cisco WebEx Meeting Center account through InterCall Online to view your meetings and manage your account.

Microsoft® Office Live Meeting Reports – Meeting List

  • Access your Live Meeting account through InterCall Online to view your recording list and manage your account.

Live Meeting Reports – Recording List

  • Access your Live Meeting account through InterCall Online to view your recording list and manage your account.

Premium Reports

If your organization subscribes to Premium Reports, you can access them through InterCall Online. Premium Reports provides access to even more information about your company or billing account’s activity. Contact your sales representative if you are interested in becoming a subscriber. You will need a separate username and password to access Premium Reports.

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