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InterCall Online Meetings User Guide

By using InterCall Online, you can reserve conferences on the web rather than calling our reservations team.

This tool interacts directly with our conferencing provisioning system to register your call preferences and to schedule operator resources for your conference calls when needed.

You can schedule an Operator Assisted, Direct Event or Event Plus call as well as, schedule, manage and start your reservationless audio conference calls and web meetings from one place. If you are signed up for Operator Assisted or Direct Event service, you can also schedule a combined audio and streaming call.

After logging in, you will be taken to your individual Home page. Your Home page is where you’ll find a summary of all the available features and tools that are set up in your owner profile. If it is selected by your company, this page may include your company’s own branding, as well as special announcements regarding new services and features.


Review or make changes to a scheduled, past or recorded meeting at any time by selecting Meetings.

Scheduling a Meeting

You can schedule a meeting directly from your Home page or Meetings tab.

  1. Click Schedule a Meeting.
  2. Select Customized Scheduling and click Continue.
  3. Choose your preferred Operator Assisted product in the Available Audio Products section and click Continue.
  4. Select your Dial-In Numbers.

    Choose whether to Enable international dial-in numbers for this reservation. You should only check this option if you have already pre-selected the countries to display on your Product Details view, which can be accessed from the Products Detail within Manage My Account or view Product Detail in the Quick Links section. When you check the Enable box, dial-in numbers for the countries you have selected will display on the email confirmation you receive for this call.

  5. Complete the remainder Meeting Information section.

    Create a Topic name to help you distinguish this meeting from others.

    Select the Date for your meeting by clicking the calendar icon.

    Select a Time for your meeting by using the drop-down menu.

    Select the Time Zone for your meeting from the drop-down menu. The time zone will default to what is saved on your owner profile.

    Specify the Duration of your meeting in hours and minutes. Your End Time will automatically calculate.

    Specify the Number of Participants for your meeting. You need to estimate the number of participants that will be dialing in on your toll line and the number dialing in on your toll-free line. Allowable number of participants may vary by user or by region. If your number of participants exceeds that threshold, you must schedule your meeting by calling our reservations department.

  6. Your details will automatically show as the person scheduling the meeting and your information from your profile will be used. Select Edit to add alternate contact details as a point of contact for the conference coordinator should there be any questions.

    If you are scheduling this call on behalf of someone else, using “Act as a delegate” functionality, the leader details will automatically show. Select Edit, if this information needs to be validated or updated.

  7. Select the Recurring Options (please note not available for Direct Event with registration), if the meeting you’re scheduling is a recurring meeting. This section allows you to select the frequency of the meetings: daily, weekly or monthly and for how long you would like the recurring meeting to be scheduled in advance.

    Check the box indicating you would like for this to be a recurring call.

    Determine the frequency of the call: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Every Business Day (Monday – Friday) or Every Day of the Week. Your screen will refresh based on your selection and provide options for you to further define the frequency of your call.

    Determine when you want the series of conference calls to end. You may end after a number of occurrences or end on a certain date.

    Determine any changes needed if your call should fall on a weekend.

    Click Preview Conference Dates for a summary of your recurring call(s).

  8. Click Edit to provide a Project Accounting Code (PAC), if needed. Project Accounting Codes; provide a method to identify conference calls. These are individual accounting codes that may be used to bill the appropriate department/cost center or just to track departmental conference calls. The label preceding this field can be customized to show the verbiage that your company uses for this purpose.
  9. To add additional speakers/leaders for your meeting, select Edit next to this option and complete the required information.
  10. Choose to have the conference operator dial out to the participant or indicate that the participant will be dialing into the call. This feature can also be used to communicate the meeting details to participants. Please note this feature may not be available in your region. If you require this feature and it is not available within your InterCall Online profile, contact us to complete your reservation.

    Select Add from Outlook to select participants from a stored list (see Address Book) by highlighting their names and clicking Add Selected Participant to Meeting. Your screen will refresh with this addition.


    Select Add Participant to add new participants to the meeting. Complete the table with their details and click Save Participant. The screen will refresh to show a list of participants for your call.

  11. To edit the participants on the list, click the arrow to the left of the name and choose edit or delete. By selecting edit, you will be directed to the Add/Edit participant screen. By selecting delete, you will be asked for confirmation to delete this participant from your meeting.

Download a copy of this guide for additional information and instructions.

PDF icon intercall-online-user-guide-meetings.pdf