Which product are you using?
Why consider unified communications for your organization?

Why consider unified communications for your organization?

Unified Communications is the intelligent and scalable way to deliver integrated communications services to the enterprise. UC makes it easier for people to connect, communicate and work together—whenever they need to and from wherever they are.
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Supported 28 billion minutes of conferencing last year
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Unified Communications (UC) is the integration of real-time, enterprise-grade network communication services such as conferencing, voice, video or instant messaging, with asynchronous services like voicemail, email, and text messages. Though not a singular product, UC provides users with a consistent, reliable communications experience across multiple devices and locations.

When deploying Unified Communications as a Service(UCaaS), companies can expect a range of benefits, including: 

Enhanced Productivity and Workplace Collaboration

Teams can talk and share wherever they are, whenever they want to and with whomever needs to be engaged in the conversation, increasing and improving access to information that facilitates the flow of ideas.

Access to the Power of the Cloud

A UCaaS provider with a broad portfolio allows companies to reap the full benefits of the cloud via a single partner, giving them flexibility and the freedom to most effectively match advanced products and solutions to their business goals.

Increased Financial Flexibility

By choosing a UCaaS provider, capital expenditure is dramatically reduced while operating expenses become more consistent and better reflect the requirements of the organization, delivering a quicker return on investment.

Reduced Travel and Operational Costs

Today’s enterprise is global in scope; rarely are teammates located down the hall or even on another floor. Technology-enabled collaboration simulates the experience of a face-to-face meeting or hallway conversation, causing organizational productivity to soar as costs fall even with remote participants.

Increased Reach and Interactions

For teams who need to share company updates, launch products and get employees trained on new processes, webinars & enterprise streaming remove the barriers of time and distance while improving interactions.

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  • Finance icon

    Give presentations, conduct global audits and review budgets without travel.

    Respond faster to customer needs.

    Today’s consumers embrace online banking for its convenience and control. But when the time comes to interact with a bank’s service team, customers expect the immediacy of digital transactions with a personalized touch. That’s why our unified communications solutions for financial services firms empower employees to prioritize and respond to customer messages with ease, efficiency and efficacy. By connecting equipment and integrating applications from premier partners such as Cisco, we enable employees to focus on customer needs instead of juggling emails and voicemails. Employees save time and boost productivity, while the bank builds loyalty and trims operating costs.

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  • Stethoscope icon

    Consult with experts in real-time during surgery to improve patient outcomes.

    Saving lives, one video conference at a time.

    A patient’s life should never hinge on timing or budget, but it once did. Now, partnering with BlueJeans Network, we enable specialists to do the most good without being limited by location or technology. By connecting devices and applications like Cisco, Microsoft, Polycom, Skype and even web browsers, there’s no delay in critical care due to distance or disparate technology tools. And because our network is secure, patient confidentiality is maintained, even when care providers are outside of the physical operating room.

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  • Two gears icon

    Collaborate to solve national or worldwide supply chain issues quickly.

    Get products to market faster.

    Manufacturers today must move at unprecedented speed to compete. From sourcing through distribution and sales, they must manage operating costs without sacrificing quality or service. And to meet these challenges, the flow of information within an organization is critical. That’s why our Webcasting solutions for manufacturing companies empower users to communicate internally with crystal-clear audio, high-definition video and rich graphics. By our industry-leading InterCall conferencing services with platforms from premier partners such as BlueJeans, Cisco and Microsoft, we enable manufacturers to collaborate with ease, efficiency and efficacy across the country and around the world.

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  • Medicine bottle icon

    Share critical data on clinical trials to get medications to market faster.

    Collaborate to find cures.

    Today’s pharmaceuticals firms navigate a complex terrain of global competition and rigorous regulation. Clear, crisp communication is vital for any organization to succeed. That’s why our unified communications solutions empower a pharma enterprise to connect and collaborate with ease, efficiency and efficacy anytime on any device from anywhere in the world. With platforms and applications from premier partners, such as Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber, we enable pharma colleagues to share rich, engaging interactions by unifying voice, instant messaging and audio/video/web conferencing and providing training from implementation through adoption.

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  • desktop and tablet icons

    Work seamlessly with teams around the world to refine products.

    Operate at the cutting edge of innovation.

    Technology companies operate at the cutting edge of innovation. Especially IT services firms, whose workers are the frontline of business productivity, installing the latest systems and helping business people get the most from them. That’s why our unified communications solutions empower tech teams to connect and collaborate with ease, efficiency and efficacy with each other and with customers anytime on any device from anywhere in the world. By unifying voice, instant messaging and audio/video/web conferencing and providing training from implementation through adoption, we enable tech to boost productivity today on a communications foundation ready for tomorrow.

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    Professional Services

    Connect with colleagues, accurately track and support time with clients, and maximize bill time.

    Connect and collaborate across the globe.

    In a connected world, businesses of all kinds can serve and compete at any scale – around town or around the globe. So, when professional services firms, such as consulting companies, move business infrastructure into the cloud, they want a communications provider with knowledge and expertise to match their own. That’s why our IP telephony solutions empower professional services teams to connect and collaborate with ease, efficiency and efficacy with each other and with customers anytime on any device from anywhere in the world. With our VoiceMaxx enterprise PBX, we deliver robust features and flexible administration, lowering costs and boosting productivity.

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How we help businesses implement and scale unified communications.

  1. Start with a world-class network optimized for real-time communications.
  2. Enable device- and location-agnostic workforce mobility—from home offices to high-volume contact centers.
  3. Deliver tools that allow people to come together from anywhere—with virtual meetings, conference calls, file sharing and video.
  4. Integrate employee email, voicemail, faxes and IM/presence in one inbox.
  5. Extend communications across your enterprise without the need for additional IT resources.

We’re Here For You.

Making the right UCaaS choices for your business can be a challenge. That’s why our experts are here to help you identify and integrate the solutions you need to make your business more efficient.