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CorporateTube FAQs

These General FAQs will help you learn more about West CorporateTube and the CorporateTube Starter Package.

Show What is CorporateTube?
CorporateTube is a secure, easy-to-use “You Tube”-like portal designed for the enterprise.
Show Why Launch CorporateTube?
- Video is Compelling and Engaging - Video conveys messages clearly and easily illustrates complicated flows - Video enables cost-effective, compelling learning and training - Organizations want a more knowledgeable and productive workforce - Provide an Internal Portal for all Rich Media Needs - Empower employees to easily share their knowledge with each other - Decentralize knowledge creation using video - Leverage how employees connect and communicate using video outside of workplace
Show Can I use my CorporateTube portal to archive my webcasts?
West’s webcasting products are integrated into CorporateTube. You can post a webcast produced on Webcast Pro or Webcast Essentials to the portal with just one click. Webcasts from other platforms can be archived but will not have single-click integration.
Show Can my CorporateTube portal be integrated into my virtual environment?
Yes, CorporateTube can be one of the resources you offer in an InterCall virtual environment.
Show What is CorporateTube Starter Package?
The Starter Package includes West CorporateTube, Webcast Pro and the CorporateTube-Webex Connector. With the West CorporateTube Starter Package, you can stream live video to large internal audiences, and create a powerful library of recorded town hall meetings, trainings, product announcements and other important events that are available on-demand to colleagues, new hires and partners.
Show How would CorporateTube Starter Package benefit my organization?
Video is proven to be one of the most effective methods to transfer knowledge within the enterprise. With the Starter Package, you can automatically upload WebEx and webcast events to your West CorporateTube channel where, with its ease of use and comprehensive search functionality, your recorded events suddenly become useful, evergreen assets.
Show How does CorporateTube Starter work?
CorporateTube automatically ingests (transfers and imports) current and future archives from your branded WebEx site (not per minute).  Once the content is ingested into your CorporateTube channel, users can add additional metadata.  Your CorporateTube portal then becomes a searchable repository for your WebEx archives.   It also integrates with West's Webcast Pro.

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