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Service FAQs

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These general FAQs will help you navigate some of the basic inquiries related to Cloud Contact Pro.

Show Who do I call for live phone support?
In the US, the Network and Voice Operations Centers can be reached at 888.728.0950.
Show When can I reach out for live support?
The NOC/VOC are staffed 24/7/365 by Cisco certified professionals.
Show Where can I login to make changes to my existing account?
Login to the online portal at http://portal.westuc.com/. You can also find additional answers to frequently asked questions.
Show How do I reset my password?
Select “Forgotten your password” from the main login screen and then enter your email address. A new password will be emailed to you.
Show One of my agents is stuck and can’t do anything. What should I do?
You can force an agent to log out. From your supervisor login, disconnect the agent from the campaign using the “Force Agent Logout Option” located in the Affect Dialling menu. http://webhelp.westuc.com/WebHelp/Max3EnterpriseAdmin/Default.htm Reference > Operations > Affect Dialling > Force Agent Logout
Show My outbound campaign isn't delivering calls to my agents. My agents have a long wait time between calls. What should I do?
Check your list penetration using the real-time dashboards. Ensure that you have not dialed all of your call records and are simply now calling retries. Also check the call results to verify you don’t have a high number of no answer calls.
Show How can I see what my agents are doing?
Use the agent status dashboard to see a real-time view of what status your agents are in. You can customize it to set alerts and manage exceptions. Click the ‘show in another window’ button to keep the dashboard displayed at all times on a second window on your computer.
Show I need to take my agents off the system for a meeting but I still want to provide service to our callers. What should I do?
Ensure that you have the “No agent available treatment” set up at a campaign level. For example, you can divert to another number, IVR or voicemail.
Show How can I change the hours my staff should be making outbound calls?
Simply amend the campaign schedule times for each day of the week using the edit campaigns schedule window in “Manage Campaigns.” Note that you should also check your inbound queue schedules if these are different and you want to provide different hours of service for your inbound calls.
Show I need to change which of my agents works on outbound calls - how do I do that?
Within a campaign you have the ability to set agent options. This defines which agents can make and receive inbound or outbound calls. Simply amend these where appropriate so that your staff get the right type of calls. You can also set priorities for each queue that they service between 1 and 99 so that only the more skilled staff will take calls of certain types.
Show I just created a new outbound/blended campaign but it isn't listed on the System Status page. Why might that be?
There are two possible reasons for this issue. The first reason is that no outbound CLI has been assigned to the campaign. We protect your dialing compliance by not starting a campaign that does not have an outbound CLI assigned. To assign an outbound CLI, configure the campaign and assign an available telephone number using the Outbound CLI dropdown (Manage > Campaigns > Edit > Campaign Settings > Outbound CLI). The second is that the current date and time falls outside of the campaign schedule. Modify the campaign schedule so that today’s date and time is within the campaign schedule (Manage > Campaigns > Schedule). As long as an outbound CLI is assigned and the current date and time is within the scheduled running time, the campaign will be listed in System Status.
Show Why is one of my agents receiving error 1003 when he attempts to log in?
Error 1003 occurs when the telephone Cloud Contact Pro is trying to dial in order to reach the agent is not connecting. Start by verifying the telephone number is correct. If using a softphone, make sure that it is loaded on the screen and ready to accept incoming calls. Ensure your physical IP phone is not set to “Do Not Disturb” on the handset (it will say Do Not Disturb on the screen if it is). If you are using a PSTN/PBX phone, make sure that you don’t have any call forwards or set busy services activated. To check, make a test call to your full direct dial telephone number from another telephone. If it rings, then try logging in to Cloud Contact Pro again.
Show Can I receive daily reports via email?
Yes. All reports can be scheduled to generate automatically at a pre-defined time, and then optionally repeated again every hour, day, week or month, using pre-defined report criteria. The reports can be emailed to any number of contacts as a PDF, a CSV or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet from the standard reporting suite. Simply go to reporting, select the appropriate report, and follow the screens to setup the report criteria and the schedule. Reporting > Reports

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