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Service FAQs

West Cloud Call Recording

These general FAQs will help you navigate some of the basic inquiries related to Cloud Call Recording.

Show Who do I Call for live phone support?
In the US, the Network and Voice Operations Centers can be reached at 888.728.0950.
Show When can I reach out for live support?
The NOC/VOC are staffed 24/7/365 by Cisco certified professionals.
Show Where can I login to make changes to my existing account?
Login to the online portal at http://portal.magneticnorth.com/
Show How do I reset my password?
Select “Forgotten your password” from the main login screen and then enter your email address. A new password will be emailed to you.
Show I can’t find the call recording I’m looking for. What should I do?
First validate that your agents are configured correctly to tag the call recording to them if you are searching by name. Then verify that the agent is assigned to your user name (reviewer profile) so you have permission to view their calls. Remember: You can always search for the call based upon the date/time along with the telephone number called or the caller’s incoming number.
Show Why are an agent’s calls showing up under the Default Agent?
The agent may not have been configured in the system to tag the agent name to a call. The agent’s details will need to be added in that case. If the user is a Cloud Contact Pro agent, please check and ensure that the agent is added to Cloud Call Recording with the identical details that are set up for the agent in Cloud Contact Pro. This is usually done automatically by the system. In the UK: if the user is a Cloud UC/PBX Extension, ensure that the user is added with the agent ID identical to the direct dial number used on Cloud UC/PBX.
Show When I login to Cloud Call Recording, I get an error about missing controls/blank parts of the screen/can’t use the application. Why is this happening?
For full functionality in Cloud Call Recording, please check that you are running Internet Explorer in compatibility mode. For all advanced features, you will also need to download the Active X package and run this on your computer to install the relevant files. Sometimes this is not automatically downloaded to you because of your organization’s security policy.
Show How can I email a recording to my colleague?
Copies of a call recording can be emailed to any number of recipients from within the call details dialog for any call. From the call viewer, click the magnifying glass on the row of the call you want to send and then enter the email section. To attach the call as a file attachment in Windows Media Format, simply uncheck the “recipient has access to Cloud Call Recording” box, or to send a URL to the call within the system, leave that option checked. Calls that have been identified within the call list can be copied from Cloud Call Recording to a standard Windows directory, to a remote directory, or to CD/DVD removable media, as non-streaming media (WMA or WAV) for use somewhere else.
Show Why can’t I see any reports?
The reports have not been allocated for you to view. Contact your system administrator to give you access.
Show How do I delete a call recording?
Calls can be deleted from the user interface by selecting the call and then selecting delete. If you don’t have an option to delete, contact your administrator for permission.
Show Why can’t I see the Cloud Contact Pro indexing data in my call view screen?
You need to change the settings on the call display window to add the columns you want to display and then refresh the screen. To add columns click on the column options button above the call viewer grid and add the columns that you need to view using the field selector.

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