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Webcast Essentials FAQs

These General FAQs will help you learn more about Webcast Essentials. 

Show What is a webcast or webinar?
A webcast or webinar is a broadcast over the internet that is often used for presentations and similar programs in a one-to-many (one speaker to many attendees) or few-to-many (few speakers to many attendees) format. A webcast/webinar can incorporate audio only or audio with slides, video and slides, or video.
Show Do I need special hardware or software to run a West webcast?
West webcast platforms are browser-based. All you need to host is a computer connected to the internet. Attendees can use a computer or mobile device.
Show What's the difference between a webcast and a web conference?
A webcast is designed to broadcast presentations (a one-to-many or few-to many format). Webcast platforms have robust features that support an event, such as registration microsite, branded screen, social media integrations, tracking and analytics, and polls and Q&A. Web conferencing is built for online meetings. As though you’re sitting around a table, everyone present in the meeting can speak to all the other participants and be promoted to presenter. Web conference platforms lack the features mentioned earlier that are found in a webcast platform.
Show What is Webcast Essentials?
Webcast Essentials is West Unified Communications Service’s self-service webcasting service. Webcast Essentials was designed specifically for self-service users who want to create professional webcasts. A webcast can be set up and launched in 5 easy steps. Essentials offers intuitive interfaces, streamlined processes and template-driven designs, without compromising features like branding, analytics, registration and video content.
Show Can I present a live event over the web?
Absolutely. Your event can be live, pre-recorded or “simu-live” (part pre-recorded and part live). Your live event can be recorded and made available on-demand.
Show What if someone who wanted to attend my webcast misses it?
Webcasts can be recorded and made available on-demand. The on-demand link will be the same link used to register for the live event.
Show Where can I store my assets so they're evergreen?
A virtual conference center, virtual environment and/or CorporateTube video portal are solutions offered by West that keep your webcast visible, productive and returning ROI. Other storage options are available.
Show What if I've never presented a webcast before?
West’s webcast software is designed to make presenting intuitive and user-friendly. We’ve created tutorials to walk you through the process and share best practices.
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