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On-Site Event Capture  FAQs

These General FAQs will help you learn more about On-Site Event Capture.

Show What is West On-Site Event Capture?
Large-scale events with simultaneous break-out sessions present unique logistical and resource challenges. West On-Site Event Capture allows you to capture exactly what happens live in the session and syndicate it, via on-premises recording, transmission of streams, and content archiving in the portal of your choice.
Show What’s valuable about On-Site Event Capture?
From capture to syndication, you’re able to digitize your on-site events so that they never expire. Extend the value of your event and your content to internal and external stakeholders—anywhere knowledge-sharing plays a critical role.
Show What if I only need part of the solution?
Select from the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of solution modules, from the initial recording through delivery and syndication and everything in between.
Show Will my content be secure?
Enterprise-grade security is integral to every West solution. You control who has access to your digital assets.

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