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If you do not install the Unified Meeting 5 application, you can launch browser-only meetings to manage your audio participants online.   You can utilize features such as mute, dial me, chat and open/close meeting room door.  Use the links below to host and join meetings.

Host a Meeting                 Join a Meeting 

These General FAQs will help you as you prepare to make the shift to Unified Meeting 5.

Show How many people can join Unified Meeting 5?
By default, Unified Meeting 5 supports meetings with up to 150 connections including moderator, presenters and participants. Please contact your sales representative if more participants are required for your meeting.
Show Where can I download Unified Meeting 5?
When starting or joining a call in your browser, the option will appear to download Unified Meeting 5 to your computer. This enables you to start, join and schedule meetings directly from the program on your desktop.
Show Do I need an InterCall account to download and use Unified Meeting 5?
No. You do not need an InterCall account to download and join meetings using Unified Meeting 5. However, to schedule, start and host meetings through Unified Meeting 5, an InterCall account is required.
Show Where do I find my Unified Meeting 5 login and password?
Your Unified Meeting 5 login and password can be found in the welcome email you received when you signed up for an InterCall account. If you need to have your welcome email resent, you can select to have it resent during installation or contact customer service at 877.769.7228.
Show How can I use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with Unified Meeting 5?
To use VoIP with Unified Meeting 5, it must be enabled within your InterCall account and Unified Meeting 5 installed on your desktop. To request this feature, please contact customer service at 877.769.7228 or the number listed on your welcome email.
Show How do I join a meeting as a participant?
After clicking the invite URL sent in your email invitation, you will be automatically connected to the specified meeting. If using Join Meeting from the toolbar, enter the conference code of the meeting you would like to join and select Join as a Participant. Select the right arrow and you’ll be connected to your meeting.
Show How do I start a meeting as a leader/moderator?
To start a meeting, select Start Meeting from the Meeting Center toolbar icon or in your Conference Manager, confirm your Call Me number, dial-in number or if enabled, Voice over IP and select Start Meeting. You can also start your meeting by clicking the join URL in your meeting invite.
Show How do I start an instant meeting?
To start your meeting, right click the Meeting Center toolbar icon and select Start Meeting. Choose Call Me, Dial-In or if enabled, Voice over IP and select Start Meeting. Alternatively, within Conference Manager, from the welcome screen, select Start Meeting. Choose Call Me, Dial-In or if enabled, Voice over IP and select Start Meeting.

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