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Cisco WebEx Support Center FAQs

These General FAQs will help you as you prepare to make the shift to Cisco WebEx Support Center.

Show What do I need to start or attend Remote Support sessions?
To use Remote Support you will need a user account; if you do not have one, ask your site administrator to set one up for you. Then download Remote Support from the Support page of your Support Center service site. For a detailed list of the computers, operating systems, and browsers that work with WebEx Remote Support, see "System Requirements" Support Center Release Notes.
Show How can I invite customers to attend Remote Support sessions?
You can invite customers: - From your CSR console - From the Remote Support home page - By pasting a link for the support session in an IM or email message If your site administrator has enabled the WebACD component, you can also place a form on your website that customers can use to request assistance. For more information, see the Support Center Release Notes.
Show What hot keys can my customer use during sessions?
Hot keys are keyboard shortcuts customers can use to quickly carry out a function. Customers can use the following hot keys: - Leave session: Ctrl + F10 - Start chat session: Ctrl + F8 - Close the chat window: Ctrl + F3 - End file transfer session: Ctrl + F7 - Close the application or desktop sharing windows: Ctrl + F9 - Bring the chat window to the foreground: Ctrl+Shift+F3
Show Can I automatically end inactive Remote Support sessions?
Yes. WebEx site administrators can set an option on the Site Administration page to automatically end inactive sessions. When a session is inactive for the specified period of time, a warning message appears so that CSRs can choose to continue the session or allow it to automatically end. For more information and detailed instructions, see the WebEx Site Administration guide on the Support page of your Support Center service site.
Show What types of files and applications can I view or control in Remote Support sessions?
You can view or control almost any application that runs on your customer's computer.
Show Why do I sometimes see a yellow cross-hatched pattern when viewing a customer's application?
The cross-hatched pattern is the shadow of a window that is covering the application on your customer's screen. Ask your customer to close the window and the pattern will disappear.
Show How can I improve the performance of my Remote Support sessions?
Some of the factors that affect performance include: - The speed of your computer's Internet connection - Internet traffic - Performance of your firewall and proxy servers Although you may have a high-speed connection to the Internet, there may be congestion or packet loss on the Internet. You usually can't do much about it other than to inform your network administrator or Internet service provider. Congestion is often transient and resolves itself over time. You should, however, report serious or persistent problems.
Show How can I test performance?
Use a route tracing utility, such as Trace Route, to determine where problems are exist between your computer and the WebEx servers. The utility sends data from your computer and measures the time it takes to for the data to reach the WebEx server. Ideally, data should take between 1-60 ms to reach the server. If it takes between 60-100 ms, your connection is slow. Times longer than 100 ms are unacceptably slow. If you continue to experience poor performance, contact your network administrator. To run Trace Route on Windows, open a command prompt and then enter "tracert your_site_URL" (where "your_site_URL" is the address of your WebEx service site). Make sure that you place a space after "tracert".
Show What's the best way to ensure auditing compliance?
To ensure auditing compliance WebEx site administrators can: - Place disclaimer text on your Remote Support pre-session form - Enable the option in the WebEx Site Administrator to automatically record all Remote Support sessions - Review the Remote Support event log to see CSR actions during support sessions
Show What's the best way to gather diagnostic system information from customer computers?
From the CSR console, select the option to collect customer system information. You can then save the information and upload it to your ticket management system. This way, system information gathered by first level CSRs is automatically available to second and third level CSRs.

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