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  • Website Design for IR Websites
    Wed Sep 19, 2018
    Modern Web Design for IR Websites
    With less concern over whether web technology can support the functional design requirements of your Investor Relations (IR) website, much more time and energy can be devoted to IR website design and user experience.
  • IVR Complaints Hurting Your Customer Experience
    Mon Sep 17, 2018
    5 Common Complaints Hurting your Customer Experience
    Although customers love self-service, common IVR complaints lead many customers to groan as soon as they hear a machine on the other line.
  • Relay Conference Captioning
    Relay Conference Captioning (RCC) is available with our conferencing services giving your deaf and hard of hearing participants the opportunity to interact and collaborate during your meeting.
  • SEO for Investor Relations Websites
    Thu Sep 6, 2018
    SEO for IR Websites
    What can busy Investor Relations (IR) professionals do to make sure content on their IR websites is SEO-friendly without investing a lot of time and money?
  • Retailers find success in the Cloud
    Tue Sep 4, 2018
    Four Ways Retailers are Using the Cloud
    Cloud services can be adopted in retail sites to handle a variety of communications functions. Here we look at four areas where retailers are implementing cloud communication services to improve daily processes.
  • Design IR Website
    Tue Aug 28, 2018
    How to Design Your IR Website
    Learn to create a beautiful, user-friendly website to host your Investor Relations information with tips from our experts.
  • Retail Customer Loyalty
    Mon Aug 27, 2018
    Want Customer Loyalty? Be Loyal to Your Customers
    It’s much more profitable, practical, and, frankly, satisfying to spend time figuring out how to keep your current customers loyal. One of the easiest ways to do that is to meet them where they like to do business.
  • Upgrade to Web Conferencing
    Thu Aug 23, 2018
    6 Benefits of Upgrading to Web Conferencing from Audio-only
    Web conferencing is gaining popularity because of the myriad ways that it enhances the features and capabilities provided though audio-only conferencing. Here we discuss six benefits of upgrading to web conferencing from audio-only
  • UC in the Cloud
    Mon Aug 20, 2018
    UC & Retailers: Solving Top Retail Challenges in the Cloud [eBook]
    A comprehensive cloud approach to business communications can help retailers overcome some of the major challenges the market is facing. New eBook provides real-world case studies and actionable insights.