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Nova Insurance Case Study

Cloud Contact Pro boosts productivity and customer satisfaction with multichannel and personalization capabilities.

Established in 1995, Nova Insurance is a UK-based insurance broker. The company specializes in car, van, home, business and property insurance and offers UK-regulated insurance brokers a range of policies.

Nova Insurance employs eight contact center agents in addition to eleven customer service agents, with the team handling inbound and outbound calls across two sales and customer service teams.


Nova Insurance received inbound calls via desk phones, directed through to any member of the team and lacked the ability to prioritize or route calls to the correct department and agent, based on agent skillset.

As underwriters may request call transcripts, and for quality and training purposes, Nova Insurance required the ability to record and retrieve calls fast with easy access to recordings, rather than search through the entire database.

Agents also had five different systems they had to log into, each with its unique password, which reduced productivity. Nova Insurance was looking to improve overall operational efficiency and agent productivity.


Nova Insurance opted for West Cloud Contact Pro – a fully integrated, cloud-based contact center solution that enables effective management of inbound and outbound calls as well as call recording with quick and easy access and to retrieve recordings. Cloud Contact Pro also offered flexible agent scripting tools and predictive dialer capability that connects more calls and increases talk times.

“We chose the West platform because we could see it would help us improve efficiency and meet customer needs both now and in the future. We like the fact that the solution is all on one cloud-based platform which allows us to pick and choose which capabilities we require at a given time,” Hassan Soyer, Director at Nova Insurance explained. “Our agents love the call scripting, which helps to build a rapport with our customers, while our customers love the fact that they can communicate with us in a way that works best for them.”


West Success Managers provided guidance and support throughout the implementation process and beyond to ensure Nova Insurance was leveraging Cloud Contact Pro to the fullest extent.


With notable productivity gains as well as improved customer satisfaction levels, agents no longer receive complaints about missed calls. In fact, Nova Insurance now handles on average 150 calls per day. The company has better control over where and who calls are directed to with built-in intelligent call routing functionality through Cloud Contact Pro.

With West’s predictive dialer and call scripting capabilities, Nova Insurance will also benefit from sales revenue growth as a result of increased connection rates and talk time. The company is preparing for a future that revolves around meeting the communication needs of its customers by implementing a multichannel solution that allows the insurer to deliver a personal and effective service, via the customer’s preferred communications channel.

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