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  Proactive management and monitoring for optimized network performance.

Proactive management and monitoring for optimized network performance.

Don’t Lose Sleep over Network Management

A corporate network is the backbone of an organization, so maintaining its health is crucial to success. Because it's comprised of so many pieces, having both a holistic overview of your network infrastructure while also getting the in-depth analysis that you need can be a challenge.

Complete transparency, including real-time performance data, should come standard - no matter what the size of your organization. With a fully managed network management and monitoring solution, you can:

  • Monitor the health of your entire network infrastructure end-to-end, including all hardware, circuits, and VLANs
  • Access a variety of network reports with detailed, graphical utilization and performance data all from a user-friendly dashboard interface
  • Proactively optimize network performance of your enterprise applications and servers with real-time visibility and control

With full network intelligence from router to switch to core, and customizable event and status alerts, network managers can concentrate on more strategic IT tasks knowing that their network is running as productively as possible – even across multiple offices and continents.

Gain Deeper Insight with In-depth Network Monitoring

Businesses today require a powerful set of network management tools that offer detailed analysis of network performance, including application-, location-, and device-level metrics.

With aggregate statistics from a variety of sources, you can drilldown to view trends and use data to make informed, proactive decisions about your network - so potential problems can be identified at any moment in time and remedied on the spot.

Improve Efficiency with Advanced Network Management

The Right Tools Ensure Peak Network Performance

A single portal offers a unified view into all nodes and interfaces, with a complete set of performance, fault management and network availability tools so that you can fine tune your network. Using NetFlow technology, you can view traffic flow and bandwidth usage by application, user, protocol or location.

Benefit from Innovative Event Management and Alerting

Network administrators require the ability to recognize and correct issues before users experience performance degradation. With enhanced features, such as advanced event and status alerts and IP address management, you stay informed  of network health – real-time, all the time – so that you can quickly respond to a variety of network scenarios, correlated events, and sustained conditions.

Optimize and Reduce IT Energy Consumption

See, measure and manage your IT-related energy usage to save on operational costs and reduce switch port expenses across distributed offices using Cisco EnergyWise Monitoring, a highly intelligent approach that can control energy use between network devices and endpoints.

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It All Starts with the Network

Maxxis is a converged IP network deployed as a fully-managed service, with unprecedented application performance, flexibility, and resiliency. More than just MPLS, Maxxis is optimized for real-time communications, centralized applications, and cloud-based services across the enterprise.

Manage Your Network

Maxxis Network Monitor is a complete WAN management system adapted from IBM Tivoli & Solarwinds applications, giving you the ability monitor the real-time performance and health of your entire network infrastructure so you can stay informed, identify issues and proactively resolve them.

Keep Your Network Secure

Make sure your enterprise network is efficient, effective, and safe. MaxxSecure protects networks from spam and viruses, intrusions, and inappropriate web content while providing simplicity and consistency of security policy management.

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  • Maxxis Network Monitor

    A complete WAN management system, Maxxis Network Monitor gives you the ability view and manage the real-time performance and health of your entire network infrastructure.
  • Maxxis Application Network

    Optimize your network for real-time communications, centralized applications & cloud services.
  • MaxxSecure

    Secure your enterprise through the cloud with a fully managed solution for converged IP networks
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