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Cloud Call Recording - Screen Recording

Get the whole picture with desktop screen recording in your cloud contact center.

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Desktop Screen Recording for Complete Agent Visibility

West Cloud Call Recording can capture an agent’s entire desktop screen so that you have deep insight into customer transactions. If an agent sounds flustered on the phone, is it lack of knowledge? Were they covering delays in application speed or other desktop problems? With Screen Recording, you’ll always know.

Synchronized voice and screen activity capture enables total visibility of the agent interaction and workflow that surrounds the transaction, and playback is easy from within your web browser. Multi-monitor support means all applications your agents run are captured and agents can be recorded whether at the office or working from home.

Optimize Agent Training and Business Processes

Cloud Call Recording gives you a clear picture of agent training needs and the end-to-end customer experience so that you can improve business system processes and efficiency, without requiring expensive on-premises hardware or increased network bandwidth.

Using recorded screen and voice events is a great way to train new staff and give them a detailed insight in overall call experience. Data from voice and screen recordings will highlight existing training program deficiencies so that you can fix them, which in turn cuts time to productivity for new hires and improves customer satisfaction.

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