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Cloud Call Recording Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring software that enhances customer service benchmarks within your contact center.

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Cross Channel Performance Analytics That Make a Difference

Today’s multichannel contact center deals with a plethora of different media. With call center quality monitoring tools, you can record and manage all the media streams that your business handles, providing a powerful platform to give insight to the overall customer experience regardless of the channel. Using our advanced coaching and monitoring platform, you can help agents to develop their skills and their career.

Empower & Engage Your Agent Workforce

Cloud Call Recording helps create an objective learning-based culture that rewards employees for their efforts to develop themselves and delight your customers. This leads to an increase in motivation and staff retention which has a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Cloud Call Recording will help you reduce recruitment costs and new starter training costs, resulting in positive customer impact on First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and overall customer satisfaction.

The full suite of coaching and quality monitoring tools within Cloud Call Recording allows for continuous staff development. You can quickly and easily build unlimited grading and scoring templates using your web browser. Within the available templates, you can create as many questions as you need, decide if they are optional or mandatory, set weightings to focus attention on key measurements, and much more.

Powerful Real-time Alerting & Reports

Using Cloud Call Recording dashboards, managers can track and be alerted to variance in performance as it occurs, using KPIs driven by the grading and scoring process.

Other real-time tools flag calls that require attention as defined by preset rules, or alert to changes in performance from the norm (for an individual or team or department) that could signify a need for investigation or additional support. This personal assistant functionality gives managers more bandwidth to deal with their core responsibilities.

Industry Standard Benchmarking Compliance

Cloud Call Recording is fully compliant to the major standards for customer service benchmarking, enabling participating organizations to use our grading and scoring as an integrated part of their approach to achieve industry-wide recognized levels of high customer service.

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