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Cloud Call Recording Surveys

Use feedback surveys in your contact center to increase customer satisfaction.


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Capture the Objective Voice of the Customer

Customer feedback is immensely important when it comes to improving the customer experience. The contact center Customer Survey option in West Cloud Call Recording offers interactive post-call surveys allowing you to access feedback quickly and easily after call completion. This direct connection with customer feedback ensures you hear the actual responses, without the potential for the message to get diluted by a third party.

Often the missing link in the quality management chain, customer feedback that involves the callers in real-time can help organizations validate or scrutinize internal scoring and coaching methodology.

A Multichannel 360 Degree View of the Customer Experience

Post call, the system will pro-actively call the customer back on the number that they called from and offer the chance to opt in to the survey. This immediate opportunity to contribute has high uptake levels and leads to fresh and realistic customer feedback on the experience that they had with your agent.

Whether using email, web chat or social media, customers can still be offered a survey via a web link to provide feedback. All the customer input is fed directly into the Cloud Call Recording system and shown alongside the Agent, Manager and Quality monitoring results to provide a complete multichannel view of the experience from all perspectives.

Integrated Scoring

Through the contact center customer survey tool in Cloud Call Recording, customer feedback is integrated into the scoring components of the system. Survey questions may involve yes/no responses or numerical scoring questions. Scores are then ranked, displayed, and reported on through one single management system, saving time and money.

Instant Survey Analysis

Our graphical reports and charts provide instant summarization and customer feedback integrated right into the heart of the quality management system. Result can be ranked by agent, team or department, with summary feedback reporting by day, week, month, and service type.

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