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Cloud Contact Center Workforce Management

Overcome contact center management obstacles with improved forecasting, scheduling, and adherence monitoring.

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Cloud Workforce Management

Cloud-based Workforce Management for Your Contact Center

Staffing is typically the greatest headache in contact center management. Our Workforce Management option builds upon historical data captured by Cloud Contact Pro to forecast future demand so that you can meet expected service levels, build agent schedules, and plan around holidays, training, or other special events that alter normal call patterns.

Workforce Management helps reduce incoming call abandonment rates by scheduling the right number of people you need to meet demand based upon the real peaks and troughs you experience each week. This ensures that cost and service levels are balanced in the most appropriate way to meet customer demand and minimize operating costs.

As a cloud-based solution, Workforce Management is easy to implement and extremely cost effective, yet able to operate across multiple sites and time zones in larger call center operations.

Forecast Trends

Forecast Call Center Trends

Based on the historical data from ACD or PBX systems, you can forecast future call volume, average agent handling times, and agent requirements based on service level objectives.

Schedule Agents More Efficiently

The advanced scheduling engine incorporates all call types and other activities to generate staffing schedules that optimize a wide range of factors, including agent availability, skills, holidays, breaks and service levels.

Agent Monitoring

Ensure Adherence with Agent Monitoring 

Workforce Management monitors and records the real-time status of agents in the call center to see if they are available for calls, with lunch and breaks built into the schedule. At any point in the day, managers can compare planned agent activity to actual activities and see the exact status of each agent in real-time against the planned activity.

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