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Cloud Contact Pro Security

Trust West to deliver a safe, reliable and robust contact center service in the cloud.

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We Value Your Trust

Customers rely on us for their mission-critical business communications. Our success is directly predicated upon delivering reliable, secure, and robust communications services, so we take that trust seriously.

We know we're only as good as the last transaction that we handled on your behalf, so we strive to deliver above and beyond our service promise 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.

Our global production teams are passionate about building, operating and monitoring our data centers and operating platforms to ensure that they’re always in tip-top condition so customer always have a seamless service experience, no matter where you are or when you need it.

Real-time Proactive Monitoring

Using some of the industry’s most respected tools and systems, we actively monitor more than 2500 unique sensor points in our network, in real-time, to proactively alert our 24/7 support team at the first sign of any impending event that could compromise service availability. And that number of sensors is growing every day.

This real-time surveillance provides us not only the ability to dynamically re-route voice and IP traffic in the event of a third party network issue that could compromise your customer’s experience, but also allows us to report on the uptime and availability of the services we provide.

A Passion for Secure Cloud Computing

While we work diligently to protect your security, we know that technology also empowers hackers and fraudsters who may try to instigate malicious attacks from distant places. Our team has built a network platform with integrated fraud detection and management tools, intrusion detection, real-time threat management services, and multi-vendor malware that would typically be commercially impossible for most customers to fund and run on-premises.

Working with McAfee, world leaders in data security, we run daily penetration testing on our networks where they attempt more than 120 different ways to compromise security. The security report results are published daily on our login page, certifying that we passed McAfee’s testing and giving you confidence that all is well.

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