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Cloud Contact Center Mobile Screening

Outbound dialing is reinvented with our patented, dynamic look ahead technology.

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Mobile Screening

Revolutionizing Outbound Dialing in the Mobile Age

​Traditional contact center outbound dialers just make calls in the hope that someone may answer.

Our unique, patented mobile number screening technology checks with the mobile network before dialing to weed out invalid numbers, phones that are switched off, and those who are roaming or overseas – all without making a single call.  

Dramatic Productivity Increases

Productivity Increases

​Bad or disconnected numbers typically account for 10-15% of most calling lists. Filtering out bad numbers, switched off phones and roaming customers means that agents will be connected to far higher numbers of real and available customers.

Winning back valuable time to focus on calling valid numbers keeps your agents talking. In fact, in controlled tests, our mobile number screening technology has resulted in our clients connecting to their customers up to 40% more than with the legacy players.

Reduce Cost

Reduced Calling Costs

​Mobile number screening reduces wasted call attempts and less voicemail connects. In fact, statistics show that typically it takes five answer machine connects to eventually get one live contact with a customer. Cut the charges on your phone bill by removing those five calls that would have connected to an answer machine.

Compliant Productivity

Compliant Productivity

​Because mobile screening uses our patented technology to transparently screen mobile numbers without actually calling them, it ensures total compliance to regulations associated to predictive dialing.

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