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Blended Cloud Contact Center

West Cloud Contact Pro seamlessly blends inbound calls and outbound campaigns.

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Reduce Call Idle Time

Optimize Agent Productivity and Eliminate Idle Time

No longer do contact center agents have to be tethered to a single type of call. Call blending allows you to combine exceptional inbound service with dynamic outbound customer care, effectively eliminating agent idle time. During low call volumes, agents can be assigned to outbound campaigns for proactive customer contact. As inbound inquiries spike, agents can seamlessly be switched to other queues based on Service Level Thresholds.

Cloud Contact Pro call blending allows agents to be inbound, outbound, or blended within one concurrent user license. Using real-time, call-by-call blending, you can exceed inbound service levels and outbound list penetration resulting in huge gains in agent productivity, improved KPIs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Boost Revenue with Enhanced Call Center Efficiency

Call Center Efficiency

Why generate outbound demand (at a cost) when you have latent demand pending? Cloud Contact Pro prioritizes the delivery of inbound customer calls and then fills the gaps with outbound calling.

The average inbound agent spends up to 65 idle minutes per day waiting for calls. In a contact center with only 20 agents, you could add back 455 productive agent hours per month. That’s the equivalent of adding 3 ¼ more full time workers to the team.

Automated Agent Call Blending Frees Up Management Time

Traditional contact center call blending typically requires expensive integration between dialer and automatic call distributor (ACD) systems, managed by a team of dialer specialists. Cloud Contact Pro is a single platform that transparently and cost effectively automates the whole blended dialing process and manages call queues to meet the goals you set, freeing managers to deal with business critical tasks.

Differentiate Your Call Center

Stand Out from the Crowd with Cloud Flexibility

Our unique blended dialing software automatically follows up on abandoned inbound calls. You can use downtime to carry out customer satisfaction calls, surveys, or upsell/cross-sell marketing calls, which increases the value of your customer relationships. Agents can easily handle a mix of call types thanks to intelligent call routing, dynamic scripting tools, and CRM integration with screen pops. And it’s available in a single, unified system that seamlessly ties into our hosted VoIP PBX services for a complete business communications platform.

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