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Use Call Me Feature of MobileMeet to Start Meeting

Video tutorial of how to start or join a meeting using the Call Me feature of InterCall MobileMeet. No more memorizing numbers and codes.

The main advantage of adding your InterCall conferencing account to MobileMeet™ is the ability to start, schedule, and manage meetings from your mobile device.

When starting a meeting with Call Me enabled the system automatically dials your selected phone number and connects you to the meetings.

In the video above, we guide you through the method of starting a meeting with Call Me enabled as well as when the feature is disabled.

From the MobileMeet™ home screen, tap the Start Meeting button.

Next, on the Meetings screen, confirm that the number displayed is the one that you would like us to call. If it's not, then tap the number and select from the list of saved numbers or tap Other to manually enter a number.

If you are manually entering a Call Me number, be sure to include the correct country code and a label for the new number as it will be saved for future use.

Tap Done when you have chosen your desired Call Me number followed by tapping Start Meeting Now.

Don't be alarmed when you receive a call on your mobile device - it's just us. After answering the call and following the prompts, Android Smart Phones will automatically be taken back to MobileMeet™. If you are using an iPhone, a notification will appear on our dial pad tap OK to return to MobileMeet™ to manage your meeting.

When starting a meeting with Call  Me disabled, you must dial in to your meeting. MobileMeet™ comes with an extensive list of international numbers associated with your account to accommodate connections from anywhere in the world.

By default, the primary dial-in number is the standard local toll-free number for your InterCall conferencing account. if you wish to change this number, tap Dial-In Number and select a new one.

After tapping the new number, you will be returned to the previous screen where you will tap Start Meeting Now to launch your meeting. You will then be dialed in to your meeting.

Just as with Call Me enabled, a notification will appear above the dial pad on iPhone. Tap OK to return to MobileMeet™ to manage your meeting. Android Smart Phones will automatically be taken back to the app. 

In the event that you have previously started a meeting on your desktop, dialed in using a land line, or if you have launched the meeting outside of MobileMeet™, you can join the meeting via MobileMeet™ by selecting the Already Dialed-In option from the meeting screen. 

This option allows you to easily switch from desktop to mobile for the same meeting or take over management of a meeting using MobileMeet™ options directly from your smart phone.

Now you've started a meeting.

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