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How to Manage your Meeting Calendar in MobileMeet

This video tutorial will show you how to manage your meeting calendar inside the InterCall MobileMeet app.

Learn how to schedule your meetings with MobileMeet here.

After you successfully scheduled meetings in MobileMeet™ you can use the calendar feature to:

  • View a list of them
  • Start or connect to a scheduled meeting
  • Schedule a new meeting
  • View meeting details
  • Delete or cancel a meeting

To view the calendar, tap the "calendar" button on the MobileMeet home screen of the iPhone app - or in the "options" menu of the Android Smart Phone.

From here, your list of scheduled meetings will appear. Tap on any meeting to display the details.

For now, only the meetings you scheduled using the MobileMeet app are view-able on your calendar.

To schedule additional form the calendar screen, select the "+" sign in the upper right hand corner of your iPhone. Or, for your Android Smart Phone, tap and hold on the calendar screen until the add-on option appears. Or use the "menu" button on your device to select "add."

Follow the instructions in the link above and invited will be sent to you and your participants.

Occasionally, you'll need to reschedule, change a meeting topic, or cancel a meeting. With MobileMeet this is a very simple process.

On the calendar screen, simply tap a meeting entry, tap the edit button on the iPhone, or tap and hold to select "edit" on your Android Smart Phone.

Tap the field you would like to change and make the desired edits. From here, tap "done" and your edits will be saved.

Any changes to your scheduled meetings will be sent to all invitees to keep them in the loop.

You can also start a scheduled meeting from within your calendar. To start a meeting from the calendar, on the calendar screen tap a meeting entry.

A screen will appear showing the details of the meeting. Tap "start meeting now" and follow the instructions in the link above to start the meeting.

Lastly, in the event that you need to cancel a scheduled meeting, scroll to the bottom of the "edit" screen and tap the "delete meeting" button. You will be asked to confirm. Once confirmed, the meeting is deleted.

Once you delete a meeting, a notification is sent to you and all atendees informing them that the meeting has been canceled.