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How to Manage Meeting Participants in MobileMeet

A step-by-step guide on how to manage your conference call participants in the InterCall MobileMeet app.

Learn the participant management options available to moderators and participants from within a meeting in MobileMeet

As a moderator, you can actively manage individual meeting participants by tapping their avatar.

As a participant, you can tap your own picture and access these features.

If you are the moderator of a meeting and you tap on the picture of a meeting participant, you will see the participant's name as well as his phone number and connection status.

From this screen you have the option to mute and un-mute the participant. You can also change the displayed name of the participant.

If you change a displayed name of a participant, it will become the displayed name for that participant. All attendees will be able to see the name change.

Participants that have been re-named by a moderator or have changed their displayed name themselves can change the name back at any time during the meeting and the name change will not persist across future meetings.

You can also join a meeting in progress via MobileMeet even if you originally joined by telephone. If you do this, however, you will be displayed twice on the attendees display.

One display will represent your telephone connection and show the number you dialed in on. The other will represent your MobileMeet connection and will display the name saved in your app.

You can replay a participants recorded name to ensure correct pronunciation.

As moderator, you can also disconnect any participant from the meeting at any time.

Lastly, you can sync your two connections into one. While moderators can sync any two connections during the meeting, participants are only able to sync their own MobileMeet picture.

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