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How to be a Customer Experience Leader

Customer experience is more important than it has ever been, but how we approach it needs to change. Within a few years, digital communications are expected to overtake voice as consumers’ preferred channel.

Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020, according to leading US customer experience analysts. So it is no surprise that analysts Forrester reported that 91 percent of business leaders aspire to be customer experience leaders in their industry. Our research shows that 88 percent of contact center and customer experience professionals agree that digital channels open up new opportunities for contact centers to own the customer experience, but a much smaller percentage are actually taking the necessary steps forward. 

We have distilled some key insights from our recent report, The State of Customer Experience, into an infographic for those who want to keep ahead of the latest industry trends.


Poor Customer Experience Value Loss

With Chief Marketing Officers and the new breed of Chief Customer Officers both claiming the customer experience as their territory, it’s time for contact center leaders to demonstrate their leadership credentials. So what does it take to become a customer experience leader? Our infographic highlights some key insights that will help contact center professionals take their rightful place in their organization.

Insight One: Make Sure You Are Meeting Customer Needs

Understanding customer needs is absolutely fundamental to delivering a positive customer experience. Yet our study showed that less than half of contact center managers believe their contact center currently meets their own needs as a customer.

Meeting Customer Needs

Insight Two: Reducing Customer Effort Can Have a Significant Effect on Customer Loyalty

The Effortless Experience is the central thesis and title of a new book by customer experience experts Dixon, Toman and DeLisi. The book focuses on a growing body of research showing that it’s not always necessary to go all out to delight customers; simply meeting customer expectations consistently can have a significant effect on customer loyalty. With research showing that a customer is four times more likely to become disloyal after a service interaction, contact centers can transform their strategic value just by making life easier for their customers.

Effortless Customer Experience

Insight Three: Understanding Your Customer Journey is Crucial

Our study showed that 88 percent of businesses believe the contact center can plays a key role in defining the customer journey between channels. Yet just 29 percent could strongly agree they were satisfied their contact center can deliver seamless customer experiences across multiple channels.

Understanding Customer Service

Our research confirmed that while the industry understands the challenges ahead, the need to deliver positive customer experiences can be held back by issues seemingly beyond their control. Often legacy technology can be a major barrier; but those companies that replace ageing infrastructures with cloud platforms built around their customers’ needs will reap the awards. The findings of our report suggest that the most productive thing any organisation can do is understand and meet the needs of their customers, rather than simply paying lip service to the idea.

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