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Move your PBX to the cloud to enhance mobility and productivity for workers while lending greater flexibility and control to IT administrators.
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Drive Business Growth through Cloud-based PBX Services

VoiceMaxx is a cloud-based enterprise PBX system that delivers a robust feature set to users, flexible control to your IT administrators, and lower costs to your business. VoiceMaxx scales quickly, allowing you to deploy quickly and add new users and new locations on the fly. Workers experience a boost in collaborative options and increased productivity, while IT administrators are freed to work on more strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day maintenance of aging onsite PBX solutions.

Enterprise Voice with a Suite of Call Management Tools

VoiceMaxx provides unlimited inbound and outbound calling capacity that easily scales to accommodate unexpected call bursts. Users can manage their own call settings along with access to hoteling capabilities, personal conferencing, and Mobile Connect for workers on the go.

Powerful call control features allow you to determine routing according to geography, time of day, holidays, or even outages. You can monitor call activity across the enterprise in real-time, with drilldowns for local and long distance, inbound and outbound, and more – and you can customize reports to deliver information the way you need it.

Flexibility Comes Standard

In addition to providing IT admins the ability to scale and makes changes instantly, VoiceMaxx offers further flexibility with a licensing model that aligns with various different user needs, highly customizable reporting and billing, and features such as faxing, remote DID, and call recording.

Unlimited Calling Capacity & Scale

  • Adjust bandwidth to accommodate call activity
  • Avoid over-provisioning
  • Eliminate excess infrastructure

Anywhere, Anytime Access

  • Single number reach for mobile and desktop
  • Directory access & on-net dialing
  • Easy mobile voicemail management

Total Inbound & Outbound Control

  • Routing by geography, time of day, holidays, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring of inbound, outbound, local & long distance
  • Reporting customized to your business

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