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New Operator Assisted Reservation Confirmations

We are excited to introduce our new, more concise, and easier to read Operator Assisted reservation confirmation emails.

Our new reservation confirmation emails will include three individual attachments to allow you to easily pass on and share important meeting information with the right people.

  • An email to forward to the call leader(s) with an appointment file included
  • An email to forward to meeting participants with an appointment file included
  • An appointment file for the scheduler

Each attachment contains the specific dial-in numbers and joining instructions for the recipients.

By having a dedicated email to forward to leader(s) / speaker(s) and one for participants, you do not have to edit the emails before forwarding, ensuring that participants only have access to the information that they need to join.

Both the leader and participant emails include an appointment file attachment allowing them to save the event directly into their calendar with all the joining instructions included. Please note the format of the attachments and appointment files are fully supported by Microsoft Outlook only (there is limited compatibility with other email programs).

PDF icon New Reservations Confirmation Overview