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Regulatory Filings Services

Meet disclosure requirements with our solutions for EDGAR, XBRL, SEDAR and European transparency.


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In addition to regional, national and international press release distribution services, GlobeNewswire can assist listed companies in Canada, Europe and the U.S. meet disclosure requirements mandated by regulatory agencies in these regions. You can rely on us to format your financial information properly for accurate filings.

EDGAR Filings (U.S.) • SEDAR Filings (Canada) • XBRL • European transparency

XBRL conversions

XBRL is a global standard for exchanging business information. The SEC mandates that all corporate financial statements and websites adhere to XBRL formatting. We can convert all your necessary information to the XBRL format to satisfy SEC compliance.

Comprehensive EDGAR filing services

EDGAR Direct
This service automatically sends your filing to EDGAR using the 8-K or 6-K forms only. Flat-rate pricing makes this our most cost-effective option for EDGAR filing.

EDGAR Complete
This service automatically sends your filing to EDGAR using any SEC form type, including 10-Q, 10-K, 20-F, as well as special purpose (non-press release) 8-K and 6-K filings. This option also includes a conversion service.

Section 16
Simply prepare and send us your standard Section 16 filing (form 3, 4 or 5) and we'll prepare the filing, send you a URL where you can review it online, and submit it to the SEC on your behalf. No special software to install or learn.

SEDAR filings

In addition to distributing your news releases in Canada, we can help you file your documents to the Canadian System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR).

European Transparency

If your business trades securities in the EU, you must publish your financial information across the continent.

We can help your business satisfy European Commission compliance, including full multi-language support. GlobeNewswire offers an extensive package for listed companies, with distribution options tailor-made for listed companies in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

We help you fulfill all filing requirements with the exchange and other authorities, including extensive dissemination locally as well as across Europe. Your information is distributed to all key media and data vendors such as Reuters and Bloomberg through the Market Data feed. With approximately 500,000 end-users, this is the same feed that distributes stock price information.

This is a high-end, stand-alone solution feed, not dependent on the internet for distribution, which means extremely low latency and high reliability. In addition, releases are sent to the trading platforms with the possibility to reach approximately 3,000 traders. A multitude of media receives the company releases via a variety of feeds and emails.

The service is a self-service solution. It is the only one of its kind which ensures the issuer distributes multiple language versions simultaneously and seamlessly across the market at all times.