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  Build a successful foundation with flexible contact flow options.

Build a successful foundation with flexible contact flow options.

Take Control of the Customer Experience

All too often, the contact center is restrained by contact flow rules that are hard coded, leaving no room to refine or tweak without involving the IT department. This results in significant IT costs and delay, while inefficiencies become standardized and customers are forced to follow an inflexible path. In turn, customer satisfaction suffers and agent morale drops.

Process flow agility is vital if you want to deliver a superior customer experience. Achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, drive customer loyalty and gain referrals thanks to cloud-based contact center solutions from West that maximize flexibility and enhance engagement options.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): No Longer a Standalone

Expanding the traditional IVR concept, our graphical Contact Flow Editor displays a drag-and-drop toolbox that allows you to identify, route, queue and treat your customers using data you already have about previous interactions. It’s an easy way to increase customer satisfaction, removing the friction and redundancy from interactions and better incorporating IVR into the overall contact center experience.

Respond to Customer Behaviors in Real-Time

Leverage total flexibility to deliver an improved customer experience. Real-time call flow updates allow you to test, track, analyze and tweak your contact flow for optimal efficiency, resulting in greater sales and improved query handling – always with a focus on improved customer experience.

If callers don’t want to wait in long queues or if they abandon the queue altogether, call back options allow you to connect with customers on their terms.

Improve Outbound Call Center Campaigns

Cloud Contact Pro and Cloud Contact CE enable you to create an outbound strategy that suits your needs. Whether for telemarketing, debt collection, proactive customer care or surveying, you can optimize resources and make it easier and more successful to reach customers and prospects.

With tools like preview, progressive and predictive dialing modes, you can connect more calls and boost overall talk time while removing low value calls with from the agent queue with multilingual text-to-speech virtual agents. And blended queue options enable agents to easily transition from inbound and outbound, and different channels, decreasing downtime and improving productivity.  


We challenged the team at West to customize its advanced call flow and dynamic call scripting tools to help us, and they rose to that challenge by delivering technology that allows us to deploy a completely flexible, personalized customer experience with the most qualified agents for the job regardless of their location.

Ghen Sugimoto, Chief Marketing Officer, Expert Planet

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