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Video Conferencing Solutions

Whether meeting one-on-one or bringing remote teams together, our video conferencing platform empowers you to nurture customer relationships, rally sales teams, showcase products to the field & recruit talent
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Keep a personal touch to business in spite of tight schedules & shrinking travel budgets

Video Conferencing gives you service quality and feature set to create a virtual face-to-face experience with customers, prospects, partners and colleagues without the time commitment and expense of travel. Strengthen customer relationships. Synchronize sales activities across the enterprise. Enhance internal communication for enterprises of any size. Accelerate training programs. And attract the right employees to your organization.

Some powerful uses of our video conferencing platform are…

  • Looking customers in the eye for important conversations.
  • Mustering sales teams on any scale – from regional to global.
  • Educating partners about products and service as though in person.
  • Lending immediacy & urgency to critical companywide announcements.
  • Extending a warm, personalized atmosphere for interviewing & orientating new talent.

Use video conferencing for:

  • Company-wide announcements
  • Virtual training sessions
  • Interviews
  • Customer and project team meetings

Video Managed Services

Our Video Managed Services provides customers with the ability to fully outsource the management and support of video conferencing to an experienced and trained staff. We remotely monitor and manage video conferencing services to ensure they are at their optimal levels, which allows you to focus on conducting your business

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