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Cisco WebEx Meetings

Empower members of your global workforce to gather just as though they were face to face by using Cisco Webex® Meetings integrated with InterCall Reservationless-Plus conferencing and VoIP.
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Cisco Webex Meetings with InterCall Audio Conferencing

One Invite. One Meeting. One Click - is all it takes to start your online meetings using Cisco Webex with InterCall's integrated premium audio and hybrid VoIP technology.  Enjoy the increased productivity found when utilizing the collaboration power of Cisco Webex Meetings with the industry-leading audio of InterCall Audio Conferencing.

Cisco Webex with InterCall Audio Conferencing

Boost productivity, trim costs and drive growth for your organization

Cisco Webex® Meetings is integrated with InterCall Reservationless-Plus conferencing and VoIP to deliver clear, crisp audio, high-definition video and robust feature set necessary for efficient, effective virtual collaboration on a global scale. Enable effective collaboration between your customers, prospects, partners and colleagues. Allow teammates to share information fluidly anywhere there’s internet access. And save your organization the time and expense of travel between dispersed teams.

Cisco Webex Meetings is a web conferencing platform delivered through the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. InterCall Reservationless-Plus allows you to set up conference calls quickly and easily to collaborate for any business reason. Combined, these solutions empower members of your global workforce to gather just as though they were face to face – from anywhere, at any time.

Cisco Webex Meetings plus InterCall Audio Conferencing Gives You:

  • Connection through PC, Mac & Smartphone
  • Easy invitations & reminders via integration with a variety of email, messaging & calendar apps
  • One-click meeting access
  • Integrated audio, toll or toll-free with call-in & call-back, or through the computer
  • Interactive multimedia, including presentations, animations, video & more
  • Integrated video from up to seven participants
  • Document, application & desktop sharing in real time with annotating
  • Active Speaker to identify who’s speaking and when
  • Meeting recording, editing & playback
  • Single sign-on for enterprise integrations

Smooth, efficient collaboration on a global scale

  • Eliminate dozens of back-and-forth emails
  • Share docs, apps & desktops in real time
  • Shift between modes of sharing without transition or distraction

Teamwork around the world via internet

Convert regular conference calls to virtual meetings

  • Provide a rich, collaborative meeting experience
  • Always see who’s talking and when
  • Share docs, apps & desktops in real time

Assemble dozens of customers, prospects, partners & colleagues without travel.

Convert complex, expensive physical events into time-saving, low-cost virtual meetings

  • Minimize the time & expense of travel
  • Send invites & reminders with ease via integrated email, messaging & calendars
  • Give attendees a real-time visual reference with Multi-Point video or Full-Screen mode

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